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Black Magic

Scout Sixteen - Black Magic Scout Sixteen - Black Magic Scout Sixteen - Black Magic

Brogues are among my top favorite styles of shoe. The attention to detail in the stitched toecap and the refined (yet often rugged) silhouette make feeling ‘top of your game’ quite easy. Along with some of my go-to blogger pals (Marcel, Moti and Saul), I’m excited to show off one of my favorite shoes for spring… a brogue with a sneaker sole. [slight pause while you pick your jaw up off the blog]

Shoe brand Hydrogen-1 took my only pain point of the brogue and turned it into a pleasure principle. I’m on my feet all day and having a comfortable shoe often means having to sacrifice your style but Hydrogen-1 designer Hero Nakatani proves there’s nothing more comfortable than a hybrid (shoe).

Hydrogen-1 Shoe / Kenneth Cole Leather Jacket (similar) / Zara Shirt / Vintage Bandana / DL1961 Jeans

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