Best Sunglasses for Your Face

The Best Sunglasses for your Face Shape
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I’m trying to find a good pair of sunglasses but can’t seem to get the shape down. My face is heart-shaped – which lenses would be best? – Tanya L., Jersey City, NJ

Use this guide to frames and faces to find your proper shape:

Square Face: Round, Oval or Butterfly style shape; glasses that connect at the top of the frame.

Oval Face: Square or rectangular shapes add angles to the soft curves.

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Round Face: Angular and geometric frames sharpen your facial features while making your face appear slimmer.

Diamond Face: Oval frames will maintain balance while cat-eyes will emphasize your cheekbones.

Heart Face: Bottom-heavy styles will add width to your lower face while narrow, rounder frames will soften your forehead.

Triangle Face: Top-heavy styles will balance the width of the jaw.

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