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Autumn is on its way. I’m prepped and ready – at least as ready as I’ll ever be. Fall is by far my favorite season… but fall in New York City lasts about two months before winter comes along and kicks you in the balls. I’m always making a full ‘To Do List’ of things that must be done while the weather is in its most perfect state. I freely admit that I get uber-lazy and only check off about 20% of my list. This year is going to be different. And inspired by my dear friend Nicolette Mason’s recent post, I have a list that I will tackle. A little romantic and a lot idiotic – fall, here I come:

10 Things For Fall


 Carve a pumpkin. Make it spooky and light it up.
I may be only person who’s never done this. My childhood is a blur.


Laugh a lot. I want to laugh
so hard that no sound comes out of my mouth. I want to cry because it’s that funny.
Tell me a joke. Tell me a story. Let’s be funny together.


Write a love note to a stranger.
Leave it on Brooklyn Bridge; halfway between my life and theirs.
Make a pen pal. Or fall in love, maybe?


Throw a party for a friend.
Scream “Surprise!”, eat too much cake and strawberry ice cream.
Laugh. Reminisce. Love. Repeat.


I want to sing this song at the top of my lungs
from a stranger’s roof in the east village;
sip red wine straight from the bottle.


Wear clothes; clothes that I love.
Be a sharp-dressed fellow. Bow-ties & backwards caps.
Blue suede shoes and quilted vests;
white v-necks shirts with patterned pockets and oversized jackets. Oh – and old suspenders.


Have a sleepover; watch black & white movies.
Be in a cold room – AC on, windows open – hidden under a pile of warm covers.
Hot tea, peanut butter sandwiches and way too many dirty jokes.


I want to watch people. Sit in the park with friends
and just watch; listen. Cradle a hot toddy.
Give the crazy man a dollar and tell him to move along.
Listen. Laugh. Drink. Repeat.


Catalog this city. Words, pictures and videos
to bring my memories to life. Put a melody to this path;
create a soundtrack to my life. Hopefully it has a sick beat.
Read. Watch. Listen. Replay.


Explore. Have a Hardy Boys adventure.
In October 2006, I was in New York City for the first time.
Six years later, I’m still so in love. Every day should feel like #DayOne.

So there it is. That’s my plan for fall. And, friends, I won’t be wearing those tattered old sweats you call my ‘hobo pants’. I can’t find them, or at least not yet. What is on your to-do list for fall? What will it take for you to get back to #DayOne?

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  1. you’re not alone, I have never carved a pumpkin either, but great list!

    and if you are drinking red wine from the bottle, there shall be no “sipping”.. only gulps

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