Win It: Zink Brand

Get ready, friends – for this week’s giveaway, I’ve partnered with Zink Brand to give one lucky reader one of their amazing hand-crafted Steamship weekender bags! It’s one of the best bags to have for a long weekend trip and I’ve even used it to pack for a week-long stay, so you know it’s durable. You may recognize it from a recent outfit post (click here) where many of you commented on how much you liked it. Well, in a few easy steps, it can be yours! Plus, it’s unisex so guys and gals are welcome to enter.

Zink Brand ‘Steamship Weekender Bag’ ($495)

Sign up to win using the form below. The more entries you place, the greater your chances of winning … so come back daily to leave your mark! Contest ends Friday, August 10th at 11:59PM. Open internationally!

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  • Yasmeen (Castle Fashion)

    My dream travel destination would be Dublin, Ireland. I think my boyfriend and I would have a lot of fun there 😛 Also, this is perfect timing! I’m about to travel in two weeks and I’ve been looking for a new weekender. Hope I win! ;D

  • Diana Bautista

    Dream travel destination? Italy! I can totally see myself traveling the world w/ the gorgeous bag!

  • Nnp120

    I would love to take this beautiful bag to Italy!!! (-:

  • Layla Karimi-Asl

    My dream destination would be India! I love the culture.

  • Nicole Biddle

    I’ve always wanted to visit the Mediterranean coast, specifically Greece.

  • Karrin4533

    I would look fabulous carrying this on my upcoming cruise. It looks like a great go anywhere bag.



  • Courtland

    My dream vacation is France. Seeing the Palace of Versailles, walking through the rooms and all of their history; sitting on the banks of the Seine. Incroyable! 

  • Erica Tonesi

    I’d take this beauty with me back home in Argentina, I’m sure I could fit all my stuff inside! <3

  • Thiago Germano

    Will look good on the sand with me in Brazil  😛 

  • Kamea Tisdale

    I adore your blog to the fullest. I can see me wearing this bag on South Beach.

  • Dosta Radnjanska

    It would be Carrebean!

  • Lilla


  • MJ Moore

    I want to escape to Capri…

  • Leesuhlinh

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!

  • Andrew K Kirk

    Great bag and very cool use of Rafflecoopter 

  • Sam Prance

    I would take this bag everywhere. It would make the unfashionable places fashionable and the fashionable places more so. It would be the perfect addition to any holiday be it in Thailand or Italy. Venice would be great mind!

  • Sam Prance

    I would take this bag everywhere. It would make the unfashionable places fashionable and the fashionable places more so. It would be the perfect addition to any holiday be it in Thailand or Italy. Venice would be great mind!

  • Faye Walter

    Love the bag! I need to take it with me on my next trip to Boston!

  • Abigail Anim


  • Aaron_Bates33

    I love this brand!

  • Lubka K.

    Cairo, Egypt. Thanks

  • Angelocorrao

    i love this bag.. .-)

  • latika


  • Gaspar

    I want every single bag in this collection…

  • Kelsey

    I’ve always wanted to travel to Ireland!

  • Super Saiyan Semi

    This bag is awesome! Definitely a must have for any girl/guy always on the go. Since it’s either the bag or rent, I’m gonna go with rent. But thank you for hosting this giveaway hopefully I can win one! 

  • Ryan Charchian

    Amazing bag that I am so going to use when I move to New York in September. Justin: thanks for having another awesome giveaway!

  • jack

    Love the bag!

  • Fati


    What a Lovely bag :))

  • Matthew P

    nice, done

  • L.S.

    Hong Kong! 

  • Jessica C

    I Hyped that Bag

  • Dan Chizzoniti


  • Princesa’s Beauty

    Seoul. South Korea.

  • Christopher Robinson

    I have two ZINK brand bags. They are awesome.

  • Morganmarz

    Ugh. My dream travel destination? Everywhere in Europe

  • Ella P.

    Milan & Prague are my dream travel destinations 😀

  • Deanb85

    Still obsessed! I would love to go to Paris or Hong Kong.

  • FreddyKrieger

    WANT! For a tour of Spanish architectural icons. Sigh.

  • Tommy

    Awesome bag! Timeless quality

  • Amanda H

    My dream vacation would be a few weeks in NYC!

  • Spencer Flanagan

    Such a great bag! Would be perfect for our big move to Seattle in a few weeks!

  • Sam Corbett

    I’d take this bag for a weekend in upstate New York – mountains, lake house, and relaxation.

  • Aneesah Hawkins

    I’d love to visit Barcelona and Paris!

  • Radmila Ustych

    hi, this is a great giveaway and a beautiful bag! my dream travel destination is a Spain+Italy+beeches of Croatia! Radmila,

  • ne-knopka


  • Kara

    My dream destination is the white sandy beaches of Seychelles, just East of main land Africa. Absolutely breath taking. My husband and I love to dream about it together : )

  • Kevinyeechan

    Love this bag! Would love to take it to Paris or Brazil!

  • Jayla Symone

    This bag is fantabulous and a MUST HAVE (please Lord let me win)! :-)

  • Jayla Symone

     This bag is fantabulous and a MUST HAVE (please Lord let me win)! :-)


    Dream destinations are.Portugal, Germany, JApan, Thailand, Aruba, Costa Rica and Fiji. I just gte a job and my 43# birthday is next month and could use a bag like this.

  • Lee Reece

    I’d love to carry it to visit my long-distance boyfriend in Chicago (:

  • Jeff Scott

    Ugh i want this damn bag lol

  • Rox Drinks Metal

    My dream travel destination ? Greece. I adore Greece! 

  • Samantha Tedesco

    I’d love to go to New York!!!!!! :)

  • Marianna Erre

    I’d love to visit Greece and New York! 

  • Loredana

    I’ve always wanted to visit the Mediterranean coast, specifically Greece. :)

  • Sara

    I’d love to go to New York and London!!!!

  • Florinda Fraccalvieri

    My dream destination would be America! My American dream 😉

  • EnricaArrigo

    Vorrei porterla con me a New York… che sogno!!

  • Mbilla82

    gfc mbilla82
    fb adriana costanzo



  • sonia brandolone

    Il mio sogno sarebbe Parigi

  • ashley


  • Sunshine’s Fashion

    London or Paris :) if possible far far away…Dubai ♥

  • San D

    My dream destination is Turkey! =) I can imagine myself strolling down the exotic spice market, shopping at the small boutiques and drinking Turkish coffee! Ah where East meets West…can’t wait to make this dream come true one day! 

    PS: LOVE this bag! It’s gorgeous! Thanks for the chance! 
    San (@SS_Dal) 

  • Carla Rose

    My dream destination is London!

  • Lauren H

    I really like the look of that bag. : )

    • Lauren H

      Sorry, I commented before I realized we could get an entry for this. : P So, just looked at it and I have to say that my dream destination would have to be England or Italy. Or, even going back to Prague which was just beautiful.

  • Riccioli D’oro

    I love Spain! So I would take this beautiful bag around Madrid, Barcelona.. ^_^

  • Valerie C.

    A friend of mine just returned from Italy and raved about it…..I want to go there now  :)

  • Lorna B.

    My dream destination would be Spain! Hopefully next summer I’ll be there =)

  • memoma


  • Shelley Gajus

    I dream of going Tibet, not to climb the Himalayas, but to see the lush green gorges and beautiful country.

  • gustosa giveaways

    My dream destinations are, okinawa, maldives, el nido, coron, puerto galera, brazil, venice, italy

  • miriama59

    Dream destination: Tahiti!

  • Infinity Shop


  • Bella Mosqueda

    My dream destination would be Italy. It is so beautiful and family-oriented there, I’m all about family.  <3

  • mamavalveeta03

    I want to go to Tuscany and rent a villa. It’s a foodies dream!

  • Katy Morris

    My dream vacay is to Peru, but right now I’m dreaming of a solo trip to Sedona, Arizona! 
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Bunnyb Baxter

    My dream destination would be Italy!!

  • Bunnyb Baxter

    My dream destination would be Italy!!

  • Debora

    My dream destination would be Alaska!
    debby_f@hotmail:disqus .it 

  • Lulu

    My dream destination in Bzaril!

    • Lulu

       Brazil, sorry

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  • Cindy Dinda Andani

    my dream is Japan! it’s always been Japan! ^^

  • Sandy a la Mode

    i would love to go to australia!!!

  • Bethany Glismann

    I want to go to Europe, Japan, and Australia with my husband – we have never traveled overseas together and that would be a dream come true!

  • Brock Herrington

    Dream destination is Africa

  • Alexandra Adams

    I would love to visit Lisbin, Portugal or Vienna, Austria!

  • Fairywitch86

    Tokyo is my dream travel destination :) along with US

  • Thrifty Look

    I would love to go to Italy! :)

  • Marta K

    I’d love to visit New Zealand! Always have and always will!! 😀

  • Laura Valzy



    ME, THANKS! ^_^       

  • Laura

    This bag looks amazing!

  • Michelle

    Beautiful bag. My dream destination is the same as it’s always been–England. Anywhere in England. I know it’s mundane, but it’s true. At least my bag would be exciting… 😉

  • Ashlyn

    i would love to go to Australia! great giveaway!

  • Gina Dixon {Hiya Luv}

    london!! :)gina

  • Teri G

    I dream of returning to the Greek Islands with my husband!

  • Gwen Gonzales Del Carmen


  • Crystal Renee

    I would love to go to Bora Bora.

  • Trezlen

    I’d like to take a “quick” trip to Rome to see some old friends.

  • Carizza

    I’d absolutely love to go to the Bahamas for a vacation! I’ve never been anywhere tropical, it would be such a dream.

  • Shahneela Shamim

    my dream destinations are malaysia ands thailand singapore.

  • Chelsea

    Gah! How did I miss this post the first time around? That is a seriously smart bag. Dream vacation? Anywhere I went I’d take this puppy with me. Even to Atlantis and back. 

  • BethanyF

    Realistic destination – New Orleans for the weekend with the bf!
    Dream destination – there are so many… Alaska, Iceland, anywhere in Europe!

  • Kimberly B.

    My dream travel destination would be to go to Paris.

  • winda trisuci

    My dream travel destination would be to go to Korean


    I’d love to visit Latin America, especially Peru and Brazil!!

  • Ikmalia Anindita

    My dream destinations are Seoul, Paris, and Japan ^^

  • Hana Clay

     My dream destinations are Dubai,Seoul,Japan :)

  • Abi

    My current dream destinations are Prague and Patagonia! I would love a weekender bag like this. :)

  • ketsagava

    My dream 
    destinations are Japan. South Korea

  • Federica Corvino

    My dream is to visit Paris (the city of love!) and New York!!

  • ewhatley

    My dream destination was always a beach somewhere.  Now that I live at the beach, my dream destination is just across the street!

  • Nila Kussriani

    i really want to go to paris XD

  • Nádia Santos

    Italy, or maybe France :)

  • va

    greece, turkey , and morocco would be my dream destinations along with Japan and other new places i have never been to .

  • Bonnie C.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    Thanks for having this giveaway, the bag looks great! :-)

    My dream is to go to Paris!!!!

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

  • Arra

    Paris is my dream destination!

  • Cutetinkerbelle

    My  dream destination is New York :) 

  • Sheri Matthews

    This is such a great giveaway!! Gosh I’d love to win so so so mcuh! My dream travel destination is a weekend in a secluded cottage near the coast somewhere in europe! xxx

  • Emily Herbert

    My dream destination is New York! 

  • Naddy

    My dream destination is Egypt! :>

  • Mana_myst

    My dream destinations are New York, Bora bora, Dubai, Brazil… God I love to travel and I sure could use this gorgeous bag!

  • Huntress Javelin

    I love this Zink Steamship Weekender Bag! Dream destination to the Moon :)

  • ઇઉ Iℓαnα Pяυ∂enтe ઇઉ

    Indonesia!! ♥

  • Vittoria


  • Tia

    My dream destination is Jamaica. I need relax someplace tropical! 

  • Tracey

    My dream travel destination is Paris.

  • Lyudmila Sizova

    My  dream destination is France 

  • Sara

    my dream destination is the world 

  • Laura Royal

    New Zealand is my dream destination 

  • tina

    I would love to go to Bali!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway xx

  • Margaret

    Indonesia! My friend visits annually and from the pictures she has shown me, it’s gorgeous!

  • nagrade

     My  dream destination is Portugal

  • life on the squares

    Sad I missed this awesome giveaway! I am currently doing a giveaway on for a T-Bags Los Angeles Maxi Dress valued at $200 — hope you will enter to win it! XO,