Scout Sixteen - Woodbuds


Scout Sixteen - Woodbuds

Headphones have been through an incredible evolution over the last 70 years. Since the bulky stereo sets created by audiophile John C. Koss to the ubiquitous pair from Apple, headphones have become as much of an everyday accessory as glasses or timepieces (if not even more prevalent). I’ve admittedly gone through at least 50 pairs of Apple’s white headphones over the last few years – likely the result of friends staking claim over pairs they assumed belonged to them.

Thankfully, a recent email solved my problem. Woodbuds, a wickedly cool brand from across the pond, reached out to me last week to show off their signature product – the Woodbuds In-Ear Headphones. Wooden accessories have been done before but not with this same flair. I opted for the white pair and neon green pair (because we all know I love a little pizzazz)! The reason I liked these so much was because not only will their uniqueness mean friends are less likely to clain them, but they also don’t tangle as easily as the generic kind. As an added bonus, Woodbuds are sustainable and offer an incredibly small carbon footprint.

Essentially, this is a win-win all around. Cool noise-isolating headphones mean my playlists get much more eartime. *AMEN*

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