Room Redux


Recently, I had the opportunity to give my bedroom a little make-over… and thank goodness because it was looking a little bland. With the help of my pals over at Urban Outfitters, I took the dusty (rose) path and infused some color – however muted – into my bedroom.

The second I saw this mauve-y jersey bed set, I was hooked. I kept clicking back to it – again and again and again. Finally, I pulled the trigger on it… along with a few other items: these awesome wall-mounted prism vases (that I filled with air plants), the rad hanging poster that really solidifies my “dusty road” theme, and a record player.


What do you think of the additions? Honestly, I love Urban Outfitters’ home selection… they’ve got some incredible pieces and if you haven’t checked it out recently, I don’t even know what you’re doing with your life!

Check out some of my favorite pieces below…

Jersey Bed Set | Prism Wall Decor Set | Dusty Road Art Print

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