Resolutions, Kept


This past fall I had the opportunity to work on an exciting video in partnership with The Shops At Columbus Circle and Equinox where we explored ways to get into shape and stay fit. I’m so excited to share this piece with y’all as it’s never more relevant than in January when we’re all trying to stick to our resolutions – and, lord knows, I understand how hard that can be!

Since I believe in a “little wins” system for myself (start small with snackable goals and as you meet each goal, you move on to another slightly larger goal) – I thought I’d give y’all a few easy-to-crush little wins to jumpstart your fitness journey this year… even if you’re starting it a couple weeks late, like me!

Easy Health/Fitness Wins:

  1. Drink three 8 oz. glasses of water with each meal.
  2. Pack your gym bag first thing in the morning.
  3. Take a 20-minute walk before lunch.
  4. Spend 10 minutes meditating immediately after your work day finishes.
  5. Buy healthy snacks (like beef jerky, cashews, or lean bars) for your work desk drawer.
  6. Schedule a half-hour each week to create the week’s meal plan. Schedule another hour during the week to cook and plate everything so it’s ready to go.
  7. Don’t eat after 9 p.m.
  8. Sign up for an exercise class that you can commit to going to each week. Pay ahead so you’re less likely to cancel.

For more healthy tips, click here.

In New York City, it can get hard to make it to the gym after a day of running around, which is why I’ve been loving Equinox (the location at The Shops At Columbus Circle is amazing) because they offer an unbelievable range of equipment options and group fitness classes – plus if you’re looking to slay your fitness goals, they even offer a tiered level of one-on-one personal training. And because the gym is located in The Shops At Columbus Circle, I can snag a delicious post-workout smoothie from Juice Press and even upgrade my fitness gear at N.Y. Running Company!

Beach bodies, here we come!

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