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Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons Scout Sixteen - Lo & Sons

It’s no secret that I travel quite a lot. It’s been both the blessing and curse in my career. I’ve gotten to see the world but constantly packing, unpacking, and repacking has always been a pain point for me, especially on short journeys. Until recently, the struggle was finding a streamlined way to get out of the house fast, since a great many of my trips are as short as 24 hours.

Enter, Lo & Son’s ‘The Cambridge’ laptop and carry-on bag.

This bag is a literal game changer for me. It’s crafted from premium (globally-sourced!) materials and designed with the commuter or short-term traveler in mind. Gone are the days of worrying that my essentials aren’t neatly organized – The Cambridge bag has taken the guesswork out of packing by offering an array of pockets, flaps, and straps to make my travel experience not only efficient but also fun.

A few of my favorite travel magazines always suggest having a “go bag” – a pre-packed piece of luggage that you can (literally) just grab and go with. Larger duffles and trekking backpacks never worked for my shorter trips because they offered too much space, which meant I was apt to over-pack… and lord knows I’m apt to do that!

On my recent day-trip down to Mexico, I had only 30 minutes to organize and get out the door. I had pre-packed my Lo & Sons bag with an outfit change, a few toiletries, and my tech accessories. I was able to come home, shower, grab my bag, and head to the airport in under a half hour – pretty incredible, right?

I can’t say enough about this piece. It’s stylish, comfortable, and, honestly, made my trip down to Mexico a breeze! If you’re looking for the next fashion-forward, tech-savvy company reinventing travel – Lo & Sons is it.

You can check out their full range of travel accessories here.

A Weekend in the Hornet’s Nest

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Scout Sixteen - Charlotte City Guide Scout Sixteen - Charlotte City Guide Scout Sixteen - Charlotte City Guide Scout Sixteen - Charlotte City Guide Scout Sixteen - Charlotte City Guide Scout Sixteen - Charlotte City Guide Scout Sixteen - Charlotte City Guide

Charlotte is much bigger than I imagined. In the spectrum of major southern cities, it shares the stage with powerhouse performers like Nashville, New Orleans, and Atlanta, but you’d be surprised what this big little city has to offer. I recently traveled down to the Queen City with a wily crew of influencers, editors, and publicists to attend the opening of Tabor, the handsome new menswear store from Charlotte’s sweetheart (and just the absolute sweetest) Laura Vinroot Poole.

Tabor is the type of store any style-conscious guy would want to shop at. The clean lines and GQ-approved merchandising will draw you in, but it’s the friendly staff and impeccable selection that will keep you shopping for hours. To celebrate the opening of Tabor, I wanted to put together a mini “Charlotte City Guide” of things to see, do, and eat in the Hornet’s Nest.

NASCAR Race + NASCAR Hall of Fame

400 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28202

Let’s be honest, no trip to Charlotte would be complete without seeing a NASCAR race or at least visiting NASCAR Hall of Fame. It’s like the holiest of temples in Charlotte!

Little Spoon

2820 Selwyn Ave, Charlotte, NC 28209

Run by an L.A. transplant who brought that West Coast’s breakfast obsession with her, Little Spoon is a spot not to be missed. The menu is a rollercoaster of favorites with a twist, like Cinnamon Toast Brulee or Bison Meatballs. You’ll certainly never leave Little Spoon hungry!

Thirsty Beaver Saloon

1225 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204

A staple in the Charlotte nightlife scene, the Thirsty Beaver is a dive bar in its truest form. Come as you are and throw back a few of your favorite beers while taking in the mind-boggling décor (bras hang from the ceiling… I’ll leave it at that) – but don’t forget to request a song from the jukebox!

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

1626 E Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Quick, delicious, and filling… you’ll hear no argument from me when it comes to naming Bad Daddy’s as one of the best burger spots in Charlotte. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, don’t miss out on their signature milkshakes. It’ll, quite literally, be the cherry on top of an amazing meal.


421 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207

For any guy, this is THE shop to visit while in Charlotte. I picked up a few stellar pieces from Alex Mill and Mark McNairy before taking a stroll around the selection of art books, international magazines, and vinyl records!

Double Door Inn

1218 Charlottetowne Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204

The Double Door Inn is just a gem. One of the oldest venues in Charlotte, it hosts an array of touring shows, weekly features, and live album recordings from all genres.

Denim Therapy

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Scout Sixteen x G-Star

Scout Sixteen x G-Star

Scout Sixteen x G-Star

Scout Sixteen x G-Star


I remember seeing images from the first G-Star RAW NYFW show back in 2008. I didn’t know much about the brand, but the collection was right up my alley: rugged and cool denim free of the arrogance so many designer denim brands exercised. Every model in the show oozed the effortless confidence I look for in clothing, particularly in my denim. Like most of my friends, I want pieces that provide a full spectrum of comfort no matter where I am – from lounging on the couch to grabbing dinner with colleagues.

G-Star RAW has grown exponentially since I first stumbled upon them, but they’ve never lost that cool confidence that instantly attracted me. I was so excited when they reached out a few weeks back to collaborate on a few looks from their current collection.

The collection employs the signature ruggedly raw personality that fans have come to know, but it infuses a new, unfussy sensibility that gives the pieces even more “off-duty” allure. I paired a chunky-knit sweater with a pair of whiskered dark denim for a look that’s perfect for a day of back-to-back meetings. The G-Star RAW pieces mesh effortlessly with some of my other cold-weather favorites like this camel beanie and black leather boots.

For my second look, I paired a denim shirt and navy peacoat with an incredible pair of reconstructed dark denim. This look was ideal for a weekend chill session with friends in a local park. While the pieces are handsome, it is their ability to move that sold me most. Whether I was sitting, jumping, dancing, or running to catch the train (which hilariously happened), these pieces were a perfect side-kick along for the ride.

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe this fall with some rad essentials, take a peek around G-Star RAW. They’re raw, rugged, and – best of all – seasonless (so you can wear them year round). Plus, they’ve got this amazing Jeansmatch Maker so you can find your perfect match!

So… how do you wear yours? Tag your G-Star looks on Instagram with the hashtag #tightorwide so I can find them!

SHOP: Chunky Sweater | 5620 Denim | Coban Denim Shirt | Whiskered Slim Denim | Navy Peacoat

Flight Time

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DSC_4667 DSC_4676 DSC_4700 IMG_1280 IMG_1276 IMG_1301 IMG_1333 DSC_4733

Food unites people. In my family, the kitchen is the most trafficked room at home; it is a sanctuary for deep discussion, sidesplitting stories, and, most importantly, a endless buffet of “family famous” snacks. Without question, my most beloved memories were made in the kitchen surrounded by my family at home.

If you must know, I grew up nestled coolly between a spicy Italian father and a tangy Creole mother. As you can imagine, my family was never lacking in passion and flavor. In our kitchen, every dish had two main essential components: (1) the first bite has to strike your senses, and (2) the main ingredient must be pasta. At our table, a pasta dish was both the main course and the conversation starter; it was one of the few meals that I knew would fill me up both inside and out.

I’ve long known of the power of pasta. Like a siren’s song, it has a very unique ability to bring your loved ones to your table. Pasta allows you the freedom to express yourself – it’s a versatile vessel to support your wildest culinary creations. I was over the moon when Barilla contacted me about participating in their Passion for Pasta initiative. Building off the idea that pasta brings people together and reminds us what its like to do things we are passionate about with people we love, Barilla encouraged me to try fuel my passion for life by checking off a bucket list item.

So what item did I pick? I opted for the chance to fly a helicopter. I’ve had a fascination with helicopters since I was young, but it was only last year that I took my first flight (over New York City) in a helicopter. Early yesterday morning, my best friend Anthony and I made our way to Sky Manor Airport in Pittstown, New Jersey, where we learned to fly. Our instructor, Marshall, couldn’t have been more spectacular – and more so, patient – with us as we navigated high above rural New Jersey.

Overall, it was such a wonderful experience. I don’t often get to stop and engage myself in activities that not only excite but also educate me. The best part about passion projects like this is that your passion is instantly refueled. I’ll certainly head back out for a second (or third or fourth…) ride as soon as I can! And don’t think I missed out on refueling with a big bowl of pasta immediately after. I opted for my favorite tomato and olive dish.

So, what’re you passionate about? I encourage each of you to pursue an item from your bucket list – which would you pick? Life is so much better when you lead with passion. Well, passion… and pasta.

This post was sponsored by Passion for Pasta. All opinions contained within are my own and do not reflect the views of the company. If you’re interested in learning more about Barilla’s Passion For Pasta campaign, click here.

Book Fair

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Blurb-Cat2 Blurb-Cat1 Blurb-Cat3

When I was in elementary school, I would write, edit, and bind construction paper “books” filled with stories from other worlds, fictional love stories, or lists of why my sister was the most annoying. My family would entertain my self-publishing interested by paying the exorbitant $5 price tag as I hawked the books at the dinner table.

While my stories have matured, I haven’t lost my desire to see my work published. Until recently, I hadn’t realized there was an efficient (and inexpensive) way to publish my work. That was until I discovered Blurb.

As a part of their Roadshow, Blurb and Food Book Fair partnered together for the inaugural event of a wonderful new series called “Food Book Party,” where innovators, game-changers, and icons in the food and publishing industries gather to dissect delectable topics with a cultural angle.

At the event (titled “Gay Food 101”), I got to see Blurb’s incredible business model first-hand. If you’re not familiar, Blurb offers creators (of any level) a platform to self-publish their work for a fraction of the cost. Through an easy-to-use ***design interface***, Blurb makes self-publishing a breeze!

While Blurb can turn any idea into a finished product, it’s the food-related content that really shines. Think about the hundreds of recipes your family has passed around, or all the delicious plates you so artfully captured on your Instagram, or maybe you’re a whiz with cocktails… whatever your flavor, Blurb can easily (and inexpensively) offer a solution to seeing your creations in print.

I’ve already started planning out my first self-published piece – after playing around with some of Blurb’s creator tools, I know this is going to be a breeze! So what are you going to make first? You very well may be sitting on the next million-dollar book idea! You’ll never know until you try it… *wink* Read More

Color Pop

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Scout Sixteen - Brooks Heritage Sneakers Scout Sixteen - Brooks Heritage Sneakers Scout Sixteen - Brooks Heritage Sneakers Scout Sixteen - Brooks Heritage Sneakers Scout Sixteen - Brooks Heritage Sneakers Scout Sixteen - Brooks Heritage Sneakers

Summer was amazing, but lord have mercy I was ready for some cold weather. I’ve been so excited to break open my coat closet and slip into some of my wintry favorites. Per usual, I haven’t strayed far from my comfort zone with this look – simple, classic pieces in black, white, and navy – but I decided to give this outfit a little pop with these Brooks Heritage sneakers.

As you well know, I’m a sneaker guy. Always have been, always will be. At the end of the day I want to be as comfortable as possible. This Brooks Winter Chariot sneaker was an obvious hit for me: casual and colorful with a retro silhouette. With this shoe, Brooks created a perfect throwback to their original Chariot design from 1982 – and gave it a modern twist.

If you’re not familiar with Brooks Heritage, be sure to check out their full collection here. They’ve got some serious style when it comes to lifestyle sneakers. Let me know if the comments if you’d wear this pair!

SHOP: Brooks Heritage Sneakers | Won Hundred Coat | J. Lindeberg Denim | Urban Outfitters Scarf

Home Body

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DSC_4129 DSC_4141 DSC_4146 DSC_4126 DSC_4155 DSC_4136

Inevitably, it happens as the temperature drops outside. Sweaters start becoming an every day staple and my couch becomes a safe haven from the wintry winds. I’ve always considered myself a homebody but it’s even more apparent during winter – because who really would rather freeze your bum off when you could snuggle into a warm cardigan and watch Netflix? Not me.

Thankfully, I hit the jackpot on cozy sweaters at EXPRESS. Shawl necks, cowl necks, v-necks, cable knit, pullovers, cardigans – you name it, they stock it. I particularly loved how stylish this toggle-zip cardigan was – and it didn’t hurt that it was my favorite shade of blue.

If you haven’t checked out some of the massive sweater selection at EXPRESS, you really must. (Plus, they’re buy one, get one half off right now!)

Now, it’s back to really important computer work (aka Netflix) for me… caio!

SHOP: EXPRESS Shirt | EXPRESS Cardigan | EXPRESS Joggers | Kith NYC Baseball Cap

Way Faring

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Scout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer Scout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer Scout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer Scout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer Scout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer Scout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer Scout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer

Scout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses.comScout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer Scout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer Scout Sixteen - Ray Ban Wayfarer

Throughout my life, there have been a select few brands that have been transcendent of time and trend. These are brands that I wore in high school and still gravitate towards today. You may have guessed from the photos – one of these brands is Ray-Ban.

Recently, I partnered with my friends over at to feature some of their most popular style from Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer collection. Now, there are quite a few brands that offer the Wayfarer silhouette but Ray-Ban was the brand that hit the home run in my book. This style is absolutely iconic in both sun and optical with renown across the world.

I own an ungodly number of sunglasses but I’m always gravitating back to the Ray-Ban Wayfarers because not only are they incredibly durable and protective, but they also offer an unparalleled (and always effortless) cool factor to my daily looks.

I’ve always said style is a direct extension of your personality, so no matter what I’m feeling each morning (happy, sad, studious, or just plain bad-ass), my Ray-Ban Wayfarers always have my back! I brought the frames along for my recent trip to Curaçao and boy did they come in handy!! Merging the glasses into my daily looks while on vacation was an absolute breeze. Whether I’m powering through some work, exploring my environment, or enjoying some afternoon cocktails – these Ray-Bans have me covered.

SHOP: Ray-Ban Wayfarer Optical | Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses | Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses