Investing in Shoes

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Scout Sixteen - Shoe Porn

There are some items in my wardrobe I won’t splurge on: t-shirts, underwear, or oxford button-downs. These pieces come and go in my wardrobe – sometimes they’re lost in the laundry, other times they’ve just worn out their welcome.  Because of this, I can’t justify spending good money on basics in my wardrobe.

Shoes, on the other hand, are a very different story. Shoes aren’t something you want to skimp on and here is why. While there are an overwhelming number of options out there, guys can get away with investing in a few classics that’ll last for years! Even better is that many of the best classic shoes get better with age.

While inexpensive, knock-off options are tempting, remember that many of these shoes are made from sub-par materials; you get what you pay for in the end and your feet will thank you. Quality shoes not only provide better support for your joints while you move around your busy day but they’ll also hold up for infinitely longer than their cheaper cousins. Would you want to spend $65 every year for a pair of shoes or $250 every ten years? These dual-color Trask Penny Loafers are priced at $225 but you’re getting hand-sewn quality and construction. The key is to invest!

If you’re looking for a specific style, do your research. Visit your favorite shops or browse options online before making the purchase. Ask guys whose style you admire and find out what footwear brands they turn to most.

And once you make your splurge, don’t forget to take care of your investment. While it’s true that quality shoes get more comfortable with extended wear, it’s important to keep them looking as epic as when you brought them home (though a bit of wear adds personality). Grab cedar shoe trees to preserve the shape of your shoe and give them a spray with a water-repellent to ward off water damage.

Shown: Trask Penny Loafers

Plaid, Plaid World

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Scout Sixteen - Coach JacketScout Sixteen - Coach Jacket Scout Sixteen - Coach Jacket Scout Sixteen - Coach Jacket

I never need an excuse to wear buffalo plaid; it permeates my wardrobe from every angle – a pair of fantastic wool pants, a flannel button-down, and even a pair a combination leather boots. Surprisingly, what I didn’t have in my collection was a buffalo plaid jacket… until now. This shirt jacket from Coach has been the perfect complement to my everyday. It’s light yet incredibly warm, eccentric yet subtly subdued, and is trimmed with just the right amount of chocolate leather.

My passion for “all plaid, all the time” has been vigorously reignited so don’t be shocked if you see a hell of a lot more of this Americanized tartan on Scout Sixteen. (And stay tuned – on Monday’s post, I’ll be giving a little history lesson on buffalo plaid!)

Coach Jacket / Freenote T-Shirt / EXPRESS Joggers / UGG Shoes

Four Eyes

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Scout Sixteen - Frameri Scout Sixteen - Frameri

Growing up, I desperately wanted glasses. In my opinion, eyeglasses instantly upped your desirability much in the way cigarettes infused 50s rebels with inherent cool. I’d borrow friend’s glasses in hopes of impairing my perfect 20/20 vision. My efforts (or puberty) eventually caught up to me and at twelve, I was diagnosed with myopia, or near-sightedness. Armed with my new visual gadgetry, I was ready to let popularity wash over me. Unfortunately, nerds aren’t aren’t considered popular, a fact I soon realized.

Fast forward 15 years and I’m still the same geek struggling to find his footing. To my optician’s chagrin, I rarely wear my glasses. But when I do I like testing out new varieties. The ones I’m wearing here are from this fantastic brand called Frameri. Here is the No. 1 reason you should know Frameri – they craft glasses for people who actually wear glasses. Their interchangeable lens system means you no longer have to buy a new pair when your prescription changes; you simple place a new order for the lens and – voila! – when it arrives you pop it into your trusty, favorite frames. Pretty cool, right?

If you get a chance, check out Frameri. You won’t regret it… and your future self will be thanking you.

Frameri Glasses / iPhone 6 Plus Case

SWASH x Levi’s

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Scout Sixteen - Swash Levi's Scout Sixteen - Swash Levi's Scout Sixteen - Swash Levi's Scout Sixteen - Swash Levi's

Walking in to any Levi’s store is like entering denim heaven. Shelves extending from floor to ceiling are packed with classic styles like 501’s or 511 Commuter Jean, the newest addition to the family. Like just about any denim aficionado, I’ve been a fan of Levi’s since birth. I have vivid, childhood memories of wearing the same pair of Levi’s every day for months.

As I got older, I added chinos, corduroys, and joggers to my arsenal but I never shied away from breaking out my favorite Levi’s for the weekend; I’d often save my favorite jeans for the weekend to keep them from dulling in the wash. When I got my SWASH System a few months back, my world was turned upside down. In just 10 minutes, the SWASH refreshes and restores my jeans to that ‘new denim’ feeling without diffusing the jean’s color or wash.

Last week, two of my favorite brands teamed up for a very special #LiveInLevis event with celebrated fashion stylist Kate Young. Held at the Levi’s store in Soho, Kate – who is a special brand ambassador for SWASH – gave special demonstrations on the SWASH system and educated customers on how the SWASH system can literally save your denim. (If you may remember, it’s saved just about every other item in my closet!)

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Freakin’ Weekend / 10

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Scout Sixteen - James Dean

I’ve always thought idle time was essentially the express train to boredom; after the past few weeks, I’m changing my tune. I’m setting aside this weekend for a major recharge session. I’m going to check out New York Historical Society’s Ludwig Bemelman / Madeline exhibition, shop Union Square’s Greenmarket, and hopefully make my way up to Cold Spring Apothecary to restock some of my favorite wares.

Hope your weekend nails it; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through it…

Really loved this article on gender neutrality in design.

This is by far one of my new favorite sneakers brands… huzzah!

Taylor Swift and hundreds of kittens? I’m in.

Put your new iPhone 6 to sleep… or at least in a leather sleeping bag.

Do you wear glasses? This guide will show you which pairs are best for the shape of your face.

Snagged these insanely cool jogger pants this week. They’re so dope.

This is how much jobs in fashion actually pay.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog, here a 7 easy tips to getting started.

Pack for your next trip like a pro with these 8 cool tips.

I just bought these sneakers last week, but I’m thinking I also need these as well.

Amazing article on slowing down in a museum. I need to do this.

With Halloween around the corner, here are 10 of the scariest stories to spook you.

I want to wear this sweater all day, every day.

Every guy should own a topcoat like this for winter.

I love how fashion and interiors fuse in this killer men’s website.

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Dark Luxe

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Scout Sixteen - Black Denim for Guys Scout Sixteen - Black Denim for GuysScout Sixteen - Black Denim for Guys Scout Sixteen - Black Denim for Guys Scout Sixteen - Black Denim for Guys

Buying denim is often a study in practicality. You’ve probably seen your favorite men’s magazines and websites touting the rise of indigo and/or dark jeans, but let’s talk about indigo’s distant cousin: black denim. Black jeans should be a staple in every guy’s wardrobe for both their universal appeal and functionality for everyday wear. I don’t splurge often but I would advocate saving up and purchasing a quality pair that will last you years. It’s easy to consider black jeans a throwaway staple, but wouldn’t you rather spend $200 every 5 years instead of $60-$100 every year?

When I was in Los Angeles last month, I popped by Nordstrom and bought this pair of ‘luxe performance’ black denim from 7 For All Mankind. They’re under $189 and couldn’t be more comfortable; the inside of the jean feels like soft cashmere. As an aside, if you haven’t been in Nordstrom lately I’d strongly suggest stopping by and perusing their amazing stock of premium denim. (I also picked up a pair of Hudsons in a light wash!)

Black denim is and always will be a serious staple for my week; I can wear them with practically anything and they camouflage the small stains I acquire running all over the City. If you don’t own a pair of black jeans, you’re seriously missing out! Read More

Talkin’ Bout The Boys

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Scout Sixteen - Men's Fashion Instagrams To Follow
As I mentioned in my recent post, the last two years have been a whirlwind. One favorite aspect of my job has been getting to build genuine and lasting relationships with some my peers; in particular, the guys listed in this post… many of which are now close friends of mine.

I’m often asked who I look to for inspiration, and I’d have to say I’m most inspired by guys who are actively paving their own way. Each of these 17 guys have tackled a niche in the market and found spectacular success. A few of these guys are new to the game and others have been at it for years, but they all have one thing in common: a unique sense of self that radiates in their work (and wardrobes).

This sense of self is incredibly important to developing an individual style. Style is and should always be an extension of your personality. It cannot be purchased; it cannot be taught. It must blossom from within – emerging as a silent yet visually disruptive confidence.
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Fall Forward

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Scout Sixteen - Fall Layers Scout Sixteen - Fall LayersScout Sixteen - Fall Layers Scout Sixteen - Fall Layers

While I’m sad to see the warm weather slowly slip away, I’m excited to start layering some of my favorite pieces as the cold fronts move in. I’ve already begun snagging some cool coats and jackets for winter – like this peacoat from EXPRESS. I paired it with some EXPRESS joggers and my favorite Nike sneakers.

With winter around the corner, which jackets are you most excited about wearing this season?

EXPRESS Jacket / All Saints Sweater / EXPRESS Pants / Nike Sneakers