Winter Chill

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Scout Sixteen - Winter Chill

I’m not excellent at a lot of things, like winning a drinking contest or using my “inside voice,” but I am quite good at dressing myself. Before you write me off as some egoist, hear me out. I mean to say, I’m no style savant but I know what makes me feel (and in turn, look) good. I’ve always been a casual dresser – that’s my schtick. And you can bet your ass there are few occasions that drag me out of that extremely comfortable comfort zone. If there’s a loophole, I’ll find it.

Black tie-affair? Perfect! I’ll pair slick black denim with a white button-down and wicked ceramic bow tie.

I landed the job interview? I’m going to kick ass in my geeky glasses and J.Crew separates.

My style is an extension of my personality. I’ll always be the casual boy-next-door type; I don’t ruffle feathers but I know what I know. I think that is how style should feel. I want a passerby to see me on the street and think, “I get who he is”. It’s about not trying to be anybody other than myself, because why would I want to?

I guess what I’m trying to say in this nonsensical babble is I’ll always be casual because that is who I am, so I hope that you guys are doing the same thing – be yourself, express yourself, and OWN IT.
J.Crew Shirt Jacket / Fox Shockbolted Long Sleeve Shirt / Scotch & Soda Black Denim / Generic Scarf / Nike Sneakers / Baggu All-Weather Weekender / Topman Beanie

Color Theory

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Scout Sixteen - Express January Scout Sixteen - Express January Scout Sixteen - Express January Scout Sixteen - Express January Scout Sixteen - Express January Scout Sixteen - Express January

We’re a few weeks into January and I’ve already reverted back to my favorite wardrobe staples: jogger pants. I snagged these from EXPRESS while I was home for the holidays in Tennessee. They look a bit teal here but they’re actually more of a true blue color (blame my pesky editing). Regardless, my favorite joggers (and most of the ones I wear on Scout Sixteen) have come from EXPRESS. They’re insanely comfortable and have a bit of stretch to them, which comes in handy on any given weekday when I’m stuffing my face.

Have you jumped on the jogger bandwagon yet? What do you think of the trend? I paired mine with a classic white button down, white sneakers and a few pop-color outerwear pieces – AMEN to a little color this winter!

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Jogger Pant / Button Down Shirt / Sneakers / Jacket / Scarf (similar)


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Scout Sixteen - Woodbuds

Headphones have been through an incredible evolution over the last 70 years. Since the bulky stereo sets created by audiophile John C. Koss to the ubiquitous pair from Apple, headphones have become as much of an everyday accessory as glasses or timepieces (if not even more prevalent). I’ve admittedly gone through at least 50 pairs of Apple’s white headphones over the last few years – likely the result of friends staking claim over pairs they assumed belonged to them.

Thankfully, a recent email solved my problem. Woodbuds, a wickedly cool brand from across the pond, reached out to me last week to show off their signature product – the Woodbuds In-Ear Headphones. Wooden accessories have been done before but not with this same flair. I opted for the white pair and neon green pair (because we all know I love a little pizzazz)! The reason I liked these so much was because not only will their uniqueness mean friends are less likely to clain them, but they also don’t tangle as easily as the generic kind. As an added bonus, Woodbuds are sustainable and offer an incredibly small carbon footprint.

Essentially, this is a win-win all around. Cool noise-isolating headphones mean my playlists get much more eartime. *AMEN*

(New) Year of Happy

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Instead of making a million resolutions I knew I wouldn’t keep, I decided on one singular goal for 2015: make happiness contagious. For each of the next 357 days, I want to make at least one person smile. I want to infect myself with an incurable positivity so that this time next year, I’ll be a much better version of myself – so sick with happiness that everyone else can’t help but catch it.

I’m calling this my #YearOfHappy. It’s strange because I feel like people forgot how to be happy. Last year, I let so much negativity into my life but I’m not letting that happen again – so the bad habits, bad attitudes, and bad friends I made in 2014…. GOODBYE TO YOU!

If you didn’t know it, I actually started a YouTube channel with my first video launching last week (you can view it here). I’ll be posting new videos every Wednesday so I hope you’ll subscribe and follow along. Thanks to all of you for sticking with me thus far and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!

Rustic Unknown

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Scout Sixteen - Rustic Dime Scout Sixteen - Rustic Dime Scout Sixteen - Rustic Dime Scout Sixteen - Rustic Dime Scout Sixteen - Rustic Dime

Can you believe it’s already 2015?! Literally where did the year go? I feel like I made so many goals and aspirations for 2014 that just kind of went down the toilet [cue flushing noise]. I’m not ready to let 2015 slip through my hands this time so I’m taking the initiative to be more proactive about both work and life.

Per usual, I’ve been wearing lots of sweatpants in the New Year… because why change a good thing? This varsity pair from Rustic Dime are especially comfortable. I paired my sweatpants with one of my favorite t-shirts right now from Clashist. Yes… those are multiple drawings of that always-naked and cheeky Lena Dunham!

Did you guys make any grandiose resolutions?

Rustic Dime Sweatpants / Simon Miller Denim Shirt / Clashist T-Shirt / Uniqlo Puffer Jacket / Converse Sneakers

Music Monday / 09

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Oh, look! I’m back at it with my Music Mondays and – of course – I’m a day late getting this to you. In any event, it’s back and better than ever for your week. From some of my favorites from last year to a few newcomers who’ll certainly make a splash in 2015, this playlist will set your creativity on fire. Enjoy!

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Sun Daze

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Scout Sixteen - Oxydo Sunglasses Scout Sixteen - Oxydo Sunglasses

Aside from shoes, the only thing I buy pretty constantly are sunglasses. Girls get so many more options to mix-and-match makeup, nail polish, and hair color; guys typically don’t have as many options, which is why shoes and sunglasses have become fun staples of my wardrobe. I love being able to throw on a different pair of shades and creating a new attitude for any outfit.

I snagged these Oxydo Society sunglasses from Nordstrom over Thanksgiving. I really like how modern the frames are and while I don’t typically wear sunglasses this large, I’m digging the look. I ended up picking up a few other pairs of Oxydo’s from the crazy cool collection of sunnies at Nordstrom. If you want to check it out, click here.

Oxydo Society Sunglasses / Topman Coat / Simon Miller Shirt

Winter’s Bone

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Scout Sixteen - Fossil Holiday 2014 Scout Sixteen - Fossil Holiday 2014 Scout Sixteen - Fossil Holiday 2014 Scout Sixteen - Fossil Holiday 2014 Scout Sixteen - Fossil Holiday 2014 Scout Sixteen - Fossil Holiday 2014 I’m halfway through my week at home and while it’s been incredibly relaxing, I’m eager to get back to New York City and get my life back on schedule! I head back on Sunday (after Christmas) and I’ll be pondering 2014 the whole way home. I absolutely cannot believe we are just a few days shy of 2015 … like WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! Existential questions aside, I wanted to show you guys this look that I shot last week in New York City. I love layers and any excuse to throw denim into the mix. I paired this kick-ass Fossil jacket and chino combo with one of my favorite (thrifted) denim jackets and a crew neck tee. I topped off the look with a killer watch and a pair of trusty brown Timberland boots – because, let’s be honest, what rural-raised guy wouldn’t include rugged boots in a wintry look. [insert wink] Fossil Jacket / Fossil Chino / Fossil Tee / Thrifted Jacket (similar) / Fossil Watch / Timberland Boots