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Scout Sixteen - Gents Y'ALL southern baseball cap Scout Sixteen - Gents Y'ALL southern baseball cap Scout Sixteen - Gents Y'ALL southern baseball cap

“You can take the boy out of the south, but you can’t take the south out of the boy.”

I’ve heard this phrase or a variation of it my whole life. For southerners, being “southern” is a way of life that is delivered flush with charm and heavy on sass. I’ve been in New York City for close to eight years and, in that time, I haven’t lost my love for southern culture.

I’m so excited to announce I’ve collaborated with Gents, one of my absolute favorite hat-makers. I waffled on what I would want to put on a cap before finally landing on one of my favorite words (and one that’s too easy to adopt): Y’ALL. I’m more than ecstatic with the final product and I hope y’all are too!

If you’re interested in snagging your own – they’re only $48 and can be purchased here.

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Beach Boy

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It was over twenty years ago, but I’ll never forget first hearing The Muppets cover of “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys. I was five years old and my mom had bought the “Muppet Beach Party” CD for me to play on an imminent road trip. The second Track #8 began, I was hooked… “Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama. Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go down to Kokomo.” It would be that song that put Bermuda on the map for me. I would later realize that “Kokomo” wasn’t in fact a Muppet original.

Bermuda has been on my bucket list for years. Last week, I got the opportunity to cross it off my to-do list as part of the Bermuda Tourism Authority‘s #SummerFridays activation. Let me just say, it was the perfect weekend away. Flying in to Bermuda, I was taken aback at how small the island was. It being a staple in folklore and mysteries, I imagined it would be far larger. What I didn’t realize at the time was how its diminutive size actually makes it all the more wonderful.

Hills and valleys and coves and quarries house homes exploding with color. Deep reds, minty greens, and sky blues sat side-by-side in uninterrupted harmony. My hotel – the Coco Reef Resort and Spa – was no exception. Its peachy interior and ornate decor gave it a cheeky, but timeless ambience, making it the perfect setting for a quick weekend away. Between dinners at the Princess Fairmont’s 1609 Restaurant and Mickey’s Beach Bistro, I explored the island and took in some sun on the beautiful private beaches steps from the hotels 1930s-inspired bar.

If Bermuda isn’t currently on your bucket list, it’s about time you added it. The island is an absolute must-see; plus, it’s only a short 90-minute flight from New York City. That’s shorter than a drive to the Hamptons… and in Bermuda, you’re getting the full tropical experience with some of the most friendly native Bermudans.

It was hard to say goodbye to paradise. I kept wishing that the mystery and magic of the island would keep me stranded… even weeks later, the beauty of the island has me holding on to that wish.


Midday Moods

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Scout Sixteen - Super Stories Scout Sixteen - Super Stories Scout Sixteen - Super Stories Scout Sixteen - Super Stories Scout Sixteen - Super Stories

It’s been a long couple of weeks. Between traveling (almost) non-stop to a few personal hills to climb, I’m just flat out exhausted. It seems that every day is filled with signs to push the pause button; it’s like the universe is telling me to slow it down, take a breath, and enjoy life.

I’ve been aiming for comfort-comfort-comfort in my style lately so I’ve been wearing a lot of jogger pants, loose jersey shirts, and my Superga sneakers. As I mentioned in my last post, these navy sneakers have become a staple in my wardrobe… which, is very indicative of the Superga brand. Once you own a pair, you never stop wearing them.

I paired my Superga sneakers with a baseball-style jersey from Matiere and laid-back chinos from Urban Outfitters – about as dressed up as I can get on a Monday morning! The Superga sneakers can easily go from day-to-night with my wardrobe so I’ll be wearing them with a slim navy suit at a dinner engagement I have this evening.

If you haven’t checked out Superga’s full line, see it here!

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Music Monday / 21

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With America’s birthday around the corner, I’m hoping a lot of you have a short work week. I’m headed to Portland for the holidays to marry off two of my favorite people and cut a rug at the after-party. This week’s playlist is full of new music, plus some gems I’ve unearthed from 2013 and 2014. Plug in your favorite headphones and give turn this playlist into your personal jam session. Coworkers be warned. [wink]

Don’t forget to subscribe to my Spotify profile to stay up-to-date on all my playlists. Have a song I should hear? Email me with your suggestion!


XY&O – “Low Tide”

Kaptan – “Anywhere We Go”

the bird and the bee – “Los Angeles”

Meek Mill – “Pullin’ Up”

Years & Years – “Eyes Shut”

X Ambassadors – “Gorgeous”

Tribe Society – “Kings”

FLETCHER – “War Paint”

Gallant – “Weight In Gold”

Anne-Marie – “Karate”

Hiatus Kaiyote – “Nakamarra”

LA Priest – “Lady’s In Trouble With The Law”

The Internet – “Under Control”

Yuna – “Light & Camera”

Banks – “Warm Water – Snakeships Remix”

Soysauce – “Broken Record”

Marian Hill – “Lips”

Jason Burns – “Lightweight”

The Kite String Tangle – “Arcadia”

Lorde – “Buzzcut Season”

Ria Marie – “Clothes Off – Great Good Ok Remix”

Karma Kid – “No Qualms”

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A Shore Thing

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy grandfather had a sizable collection of watches. It was rare to find him without one of his favorites strapped to his wrist. His love for timepieces inspired my own need to always have a watch on hand. For close to fifteen years, I’ve worn a watch every day to the point where I feel naked without one.

Last year, I discovered a line of watches called Shore Projects. Inspired by the nostalgia and beauty of the British seaside, Shore Projects has swiftly become one of my favorite brands of the moment. Their current collection is divided into three handsome and distinct ‘projects.’ Project 1 is colorful and fun, Project 2 offers a luxurious take on classic timepieces, and Project 3 radiates with sporty practicality.

One of my absolute favorite aspects of the Shore Projects watches is the ability to replace the straps. Sure… many companies offer this ability but none do it as well as Shore Projects does! I kid you not, it is one of the most seamless, easy processes.

If you haven’t checked out Shore Projects, drop everything and do it now. Now you’ll just have to let me know which one you like the most!

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Thai Time

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Scout Sixteen - Thailand Trip 2015

It’s been almost two months since I had the chance of a lifetime to join the Thailand Tourism Authority on a whirlwind excursion of the Land of Smiles. It truly was one of the most epic trips I’ve ever been on and markedly fueled my enthusiasm to tour additional Asian countries.

I never got a chance to share my third (and final) video from my trip so I thought what better time to do so than now, right? As soon as we landed in Krabi, I knew it was going to be spectacular. The natural environment made one heck of a backdrop! Special thanks to the friendly staff at the Tubkaak Resort, where we stayed in impeccable Pinterest-worthy villas and partook in a traditional cooking class. We also went cave-exploring with John Gray from John Gray’s Sea Canoe Tours and (my favorite part) visited an elephant reserve in the hill country.

Just take a peek at this video, it’s beyond epic. BEYOND.

Run Free

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Scout Sixteen - Nordstrom Men's Nike Free Run Scout Sixteen - Nordstrom Men's Nike Free Run
IMG_64842Scout Sixteen - Nordstrom Men's Nike Free Run Scout Sixteen - Nordstrom Men's Nike Free Run

During cold-weather months, I run errands in a handsome array of separates – slim khakis, chic outerwear, and fresh kicks. In the summer months, it’s all about being comfortable and cool. I recently picked up a slew of Nike sneakers from Nordstrom and feel like I’ve conquered all of summer with an arsenal of wickedly cool sneakers.

The options over at Nordstrom were pretty fantastic – they’ve got the sporty set on lock with brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas among their top sellers. I snagged these Nike ‘Stefan Janoski’ sneakers.

Weekend Daze

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Scout Sixteen - Gap NSF Denim Best New Menswear Designers GQ Scout Sixteen - Gap NSF Denim Best New Menswear Designers GQ Scout Sixteen - Gap NSF Denim Best New Menswear Designers GQ Scout Sixteen - Gap NSF Denim Best New Menswear Designers GQ

As you know, I’m working in tandem with GQ magazine and GAP to reveal the new crop of the Best New Menswear Designers of America. Each year, GQ choose four standout favorites to create collaborative capsule collections for GAP’s menswear offering. The full collection will be released in September, but until then, I’ll be sporting standout pieces from each brand.

This month, we’re talking about NSF, an L.A.-based brand run by Nick Freidberg and Jamie Haller, prove everything looks better with a little distress. The pieces from their standout collections showcase hand-crafted destruction like heavily-torn elbows and perfectly-stained denim.

For their GAP collaboration, the duo says they’ll be replicating the rough lines of their flagship line for the mass market but they’re not looking for mass market appeal. Jamie say, “We’re not ever gonna water down our product so we can sell it to anyone and everyone. It’s always going to be cool and small and crafted. Not everybody wants a holey T-shirt. I get it.” I’m ecstatic to see what Nick and Jamie come up with for their capsule collection!

Check out more from NSF and shop GAP’s current menswear offering to get your wardrobe summer-ready. West Coast vacation, anyone?