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I’ve actually got a fairly exciting weekend ahead of me. I’m joining the Baxter of California team for a weekend getaway in Montauk. I’ll be staying at the Surf Lodge, so expect a hefty amount of surf-inspired Instagram photos this weekend (apologies in advance). On Sunday, I’ll be participating in a margarita crawl to taste-test NYC’s top-ranked margaritas. I think I can say with confidence that if I survive this Sunday, I can survive anything.

Hope your weekend is spectacular; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through the weekend…

This is my new favorite collection of travel bags. No passport needed.

No lies… my Birkenstock sandals are my favorite thing right now. Get a pair now – you won’t regret it!

“People should fall in love with their eyes closed.”

Living in cramped quarters? Here’s a genius idea for an unconventional desk.

A shirt button that holds your headphones cord in place? Gimme.

Floral tie, for the win.

These are the 18 craziest trees on Earth. I want to climb them all.

I need this fox beanie for fall right now!

What writers can learn from my favorite childhood bedtime story

Found a cardamom coffee recipe that I plan to try this weekend.

Exercises to getting those V-lines on your abs. And… starting these ASAP.

Follow your arrow, wherever it points.

Can we all get this Lumberjack Box and start a woodsmen colony?

Saying ‘goodbye’ to pesky pimples thanks to this herbal toner.

These were my favorite boots in middle school. I’m thinking of buying a pair – thoughts?

These are the 11 craziest s’mores combinations ever. Yummm!

Bonus: This Buzzfeed list details one of my biggest pet peeves. Ever.

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Follow Your Arrow

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DSC_5391DSC_5384 DSC_5389 DSC_5391DSC_5370

People always said I’d find my footing some day. I spent a lot of my young adult life scrambling after a bowl full of dreams. It was always like chasing a firefly – you can see it, but you can’t quite catch it. It wasn’t until well into my 20′s that things started to fall into place: I started my blog, gained career approval from my family and made a hell of a lot of new friends. It wasn’t timing. It wasn’t persistence. It was a guided acceptance of my fate. I pointed my arrow in the direction I wanted to go and let it fly.

Fate is a funny thing. You can’t create it and you can’t wait for it so you push and pull your way like saltwater taffy on a summer day. Remember to let go sometimes. It’s okay to relax and see where life takes you. It’s your arrow, after all. Point and shoot.

Custom Arrow Ring from Benjamin Black / Filson Field Bag / Cadet Henley / Armani Exchange Pants / Converse Sneakers / Daniel Wellington Watch

True Blue

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Scout Sixteen - True Blue Scout Sixteen - True BlueScout Sixteen - True Blue

I’ll always be an advocate of denim. Growing up in Mississippi, it was the staple in my everyday wardrobe. Denim pairs as easily with a button-down for work as it does a sweatshirt for weekend errands. But I’ll always opt for a more casual approach, as any avid reader of Scout Sixteen will attest.

I didn’t have any meetings today so this is my “neighborhood errands” look but it could work well for any weekend activities, too. I paired my True Religion jeans with a vintage plaid shirt and Birkenstocks for a little 90′s spice. I’ve been loving this pair of denim (named the ‘Ricky‘) because it’s slim in the waist but gives a bit of room in the legs – plus it’s insanely comfortable! I like rolling my jeans to provide even more breathability on those sweltering, summer days.

If you struggle finding a good fit in your denim repertoire, look no further. True Religion actually recently released twelve new ‘Core Fits‘ inspired by denim disrupted by innovation. They’ve refined and redefined the classic True Religion flavor with a minimal twist… a trait I certainly value in my denim. What do you think? Which pair would you wear?

True Religion Jeans / Vintage Plaid / Uniqlo T-Shirt / Birkenstock Sandals

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Wine Time

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Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 12.23.28 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-04 at 12.23.46 PM

Here’s a fun fact: I love wine. It’s practical for the body and spiritual for the soul. Even Jesus couldn’t resist turning his water into wine and that’s reason enough for me. I’ve always been drawn to red wine not only for its health benefits but also for its tannic, earthy flavor. As a creature of habit, I grab the same selection every time I stop by my local spirits shop: a few choice whiskeys and two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon from Columbia Crest, one of my favorite wineries from Washington. (Note: if you haven’t tried Columbia Crest’s Cabernet Sauvignon, you must grab a bottle and pair its fruity flavor with some beef tenderloin… delicious!)

As a fan of the winery and product, I was thrilled when Columbia Crest asked me to come on board to help herald the news of their newest initiative: the first crowdsourced Cabernet Sauvignon! Over the next 18 months, their new interactive website will allow everyone from casual drinkers to wine aficionados join the process of winemaking. Each week you’ll help vote to determine how the grapes are tended, irrigated, harvested and blended. How cool is that? Now let’s create something spectacular so I can get my drink on…

Columbia Crest created this cool, graphic-heavy video below to give a lay of the land – be sure to give it a watch. And join me in voting each week on what could be “our” signature wine (or as I like to call it – my “night-night juice”).
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Freakin’ Weekend / 03

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Scout Sixteen - Freakin' Weekend 3

I’ve been searching high and low for some new pieces of furniture for my apartment so I’ll be spending my Saturday trolling the flea markets in town for a few interior gems. Sunday will surely be the laziest day of my year so far: 16 hours of Netflix and delivery food… I won’t lie, I cannot wait.

Hope your weekend is spectacular; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through the weekend…

This dopp kit would make traveling so much better.

Insanely cool photos of witch doctors and healers in Bolivia.

I really wish my living room looked like this. But alas…

I use this bag almost non-stop when toting my camera equipment around.

This is by far one of my favorite magazines. Hands down.

Want your face drawn on your business cards? I know you do.

I want this banana ice cream in my belly now.

A ship from the 1700′s was found buried in the World Trade Center ruins.

Fairly obsessed with these retro plastic key tags.

888,000 ceramic poppies make for one incredible commemorative art installation.

If you’re a polite bastard, then this t-shirt is for you.

Pretty sound advice. Boring is for losers.

You have to read this guy’s powerful story.

Was introduced to this amazing leather bag collection at PROJECT Tradeshow. I want ‘em all.

Planning to wear these striped shorts for the rest of time. Period.

Of course the Fall/Winter campaign from COS has me wanting everything.

Bonus: this is what Saturday mornings sound like in my head…

* Photo Credit: PretaPorterForYou *

Knock Out

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Scout Sixteen - Diesel Watch Scout Sixteen - Diesel Watch Scout Sixteen - Diesel Watch

Like clockwork, my week comes to a head every Thursday. The stresses from Monday through Wednesday catch up with me and it’s an all-out brawl to finish everything up before my weekend begins (since I obviously consider Friday the first day of the weekend).

With all the running around today, I’m happy to have my DIESEL watch to keep me on schedule. Low-key separates (like a white button-down and navy chinos) help me get around in style. And you definitely can’t forget a comfortable sandal…

DIESEL Watch / Gap Button-Down / Birkenstock Sandal / Urban Outfitters Backpack

Afternoon Delights

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DSC_5943 DSC_5957 DSC_5945 DSC_5956

Can you believe it’s almost fall? Even though we have a few weeks of warm weather left, I feel like this summer swiftly came and went. I didn’t travel near as much as I’d wanted and I didn’t eat near as many ice cream cones.

For some afternoon meetings, I paired my EXPRESS denim with a New Yorker’s favorite casual accessory: a black t-shirt. The neutral cap and perforated backpack help add an edgier flavor to my look without providing too much distraction.

What are you planning for your last few weeks of summer? Any upcoming travels you’d like to share?

EXPRESS T-Shirt / EXPRESS Denim / Gents Baseball Cap / TRIWA Sunglasses Read More

Bedroom Redux with West Elm

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Scout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom Makeover Scout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom Makeover Scout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom Makeover Scout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom MakeoverScout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom Makeover Scout Sixteen - West Elm Bedroom Makeover

During the first half of this year, I had difficulty finding balance in my life. Each professional success seemed to be quickly followed by a personal defeat; I felt I was making sacrifices left and right to restore balance. It wasn’t until I pinpointed the issue (my space) that things began to rapidly improve.

I must first say that I’m not a hoarder despite what my friends may tell you; I’ve always been an avid collector. When I find something I like (the perfect black t-shirt or a pair of slim-cut denim), I buy it compulsively. I’ll get 2 or 3 of the same thing and add to the “collection” in my wardrobe. This was a problem – I was battling personal issues with an expensive alternative therapy. I was being swallowed by the things that also built me up.

May was the month – I vowed to cut the clutter from my life. I began purging in all aspects of my life and leaving little room for excess. One of the areas in desperate need of change was my bedroom (which also serves as my home office). With a small space to tackle, I enlisted the help of my friends at West Elm to infuse my space with mid-century zen while properly restoring my sanity.

I don’t wake up in a panic anymore. I traded in my king size bed and oversized furniture for pieces that feel purposeful and pleasant. My space finally evokes the balance I craved for so long and I couldn’t be more excited to realign my journey here.

Mid-Century Daybed / Nomad Coverlet (Bedding) / Marble Side Table / Salt Vase / Geometric Planter

To see more of my room transformation, head on over to West Elm’s blog!