Hook & Albert Garment Weekender

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Scout Sixteen - Hook & Albert Garment Weekender Scout Sixteen - Hook & Albert Garment Weekender Scout Sixteen - Hook & Albert Garment Weekender Scout Sixteen - Hook & Albert Garment Weekender Scout Sixteen - Hook & Albert Garment Weekender Scout Sixteen - Hook & Albert Garment Weekender

Mystery has always interested me; I enjoy things that aren’t always what they seem. I recently snagged this amazing weekender from Hook & Albert. Beautifully crafted and roomy enough for a week worth of traveling, this bag shrouds in super power in sleek waxed canvas and luxury steel hardware. With an easy slight of hand (or zipper), the weekender transforms into a perfectly proportioned garment bag. Abracadabra – dual purposes!

I recently took it for a test drive last week on my trip to the British Virgin Islands, and it performed marvelously! My dinner jacket and suit trousers (for our fanciest dinner) stayed completely wrinkle-free during transit, plus I had enough room in the weekender to pack four days worth of outfit changes!

The bag comes in a few colors, but I couldn’t resist the olive canvas version because I can’t resist olive-colored accessories. [cue robot voice: “Must collect all olive accessories”] My favorite little pup Luna decided to make it her new puppy fort – so I’m not the only one who’s got a thing for this bag.

The guys over at Hook & Albert wanted you guys to get a portion off your order, so if you use the code ‘SCOUTSIXTEEN’ you’ll get 20% off your order! Now you just need to start planning your next weekend getaway so you have an excuse to snag one for yourself… [epic hi-five].

Hook & Albert Garment Weekender

Happy Daze

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Scout Sixteen - Ernest Alexander Nordstrom Denim Scout Sixteen - Ernest Alexander Nordstrom Denim Scout Sixteen - Ernest Alexander Nordstrom Denim Scout Sixteen - Ernest Alexander Nordstrom Denim

Well hallelujah almighty – the florals have finally bloomed in New York. It was about damn time! The constant barrage of barren branches flanking my walk to meetings was getting unbearable. My roommate Christina and I decided to poke around the neighborhood yesterday to try out a new coffee shop that opened near Gramercy Park. I’ve been toting this Ernest Alexander messenger just about everywhere with me – had been looking for a new one and this one fit the bill.

Since it was just a casual outing, I opted for dark Lucky denim that I picked up from Nordstrom a few months back. They were under $100 – so they were already speaking my language. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned how amazing Nordstrom’s denim selection is but you can’t beat an under $100 pair [high-five]. I’ve listed some of my favorite pairs below, in case you’re interested!

Lucky Brand Denim | IRO T-Shirt | AG Jeans Hoodie | Converse Sneakers | Ernest Alexander Messenger

Happily Green

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Scout Sixteen - Green & Black Scout Sixteen - Green & Black Scout Sixteen - Green & Black Scout Sixteen - Green & Black

“Work”… even typing it feels awkward and foreign. It’s one of those words that squeezes its way into your life bringing with it varying levels of anxiety, inadequacy, and success. I would be lying if I said I absolutely love working. If we’re being honest, I’d much rather be giving CPR to a tub of Ben & Jerry’s while binging on my Netflix queue… but we’ll keep that reserved for ‘weekend-only’ fun.

Finding a balance between work-life and life-life is an ongoing struggle, for me included. In an age when our attention spans are unraveling dangerously close to zero, it’s a Herculean task trying to muster enough focus to get through the work day. What I’ve learned is that it is incredibly important to divide your day into smaller, more tackle-able chunks. Conquer your high-priority tasks at the beginning of the day – say from 9AM-11AM. From there onward, alternate between 75 minutes of productivity and 15 minutes of free time. That ‘free time’ is crucial to staying motivated (and, truthfully, sane) during a busy work day.

I’m certainly no expert when it comes to balancing life but I’m happily green in the process. I’m constantly finding new ways to heighten my productivity while keeping a positive attitude – even on the days when I’m royally exhausted. How do you stay productive during your work day? Have you found the secret to work-life balance?

My look today employs one of my favorite color combinations: army green and jet black. The jacket and shoes aren’t the same tone so it works to break up the flat landscape of the black shirt and jeans. These jeans have been one of my go-to pairs for about a year now – I snagged them at Nordstrom in Los Angeles (at The Grove) and basically haven’t stopped wearing them since! Nordstrom carries an insane amount of cool denim brands but these AG jeans just worked perfectly. I’ve included some of my other favorite denim options below, if you’re interested!

AG Jeans Denim | IRO Tee | Billy Reid Shoes | Bang & Olufsen Headphones

Khaki Cadet

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Scout Sixteen - Khaki Cadet Scout Sixteen - Khaki Cadet Scout Sixteen - Khaki Cadet Scout Sixteen - Khaki Cadet Scout Sixteen - Khaki Cadet

With summer quickly approaching, I’ve been boxing up my heavy winter favorites and replacing the empty spaces with my warm weather essentials. I recently picked up this incredibly suave khaki suit set from EXPRESS and couldn’t be happier with its addition in my wardrobe.

I like that I can dress it up with a button-down and brogues for evening events or swap my dressy accessories for a t-shirt and sneakers for afternoon meetings around the City. I wore this out today to a couple of fittings as I prep for my week ahead and I love how the cotton-sateen fabric of this Photographer’s suit set moves with me, which is incredibly important when I need to make a mad dash – a common occurrence because I’m always running late!

What are you most excited about sporting this summer? Would you wear this khaki suit set?

EXPRESS Blazer | EXPRESS Pants | Native Youth T-Shirt | Axel Arrigato Sneakers | Daniel Wellington Watch

Music Monday / 15

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Scout Sixteen - Image via Eva Tsang / Trotter Mag

Jet lag feels like the ultimate joke from Mother Nature. It’s like “Have a great time on your tropical vacation because I’m going to make it a bitch to get back on your normal schedule LOL” … [sigh]

I’m back on the grind after two weeks in Thailand and I haven’t quite recovered from a cumulative 48 hours of flights! And although I’m feeling like a complete space cadet, I’m excited about this week ahead of me: lots of fun meetings, projects, and events on my calendar. My trip to Thailand was the ultimate recharge for my internal battery but for now – I’m counting on this playlist to get me charged up for this week. With new hits from chart-toppers like Rihanna and Sia, plus repeat-worthy jams from Sylvan Esso, AUROROA, and Kat Dahlia, there’s a song for everyone on this list. Pop on your favorite headphones (I just bought this INSANELY KICKASS pair from Bang & Olufsen) and grab a sweet treat to accompany your spicy week.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my Spotify profile to stay up-to-date on all my playlists. Have a song I should hear? Email me with your suggestion!


Sylvan Esso – “Coffee”

Galantis – “Peanut Butter Jelly”

Kat Dahlia – “I Think I’m In Love”

The Japanese House – “Teeth”

Rihanna – “American Oxygen”

Christina and the Queens – “Saint Claude”

Giorgio Moroder ft. Sia – “Déjà Vu”

Glass Animals – “Gooey”

Kyla La Grange ft. Kygo – “Cut Your Teeth”

Blur – “Ong Ong”

AURORA – “Running With The Wolves”

Priory – “Weekend”

MGMT – “Electric Feel”

Zella Day – “Sweet Ophelia”

CHVRCHES – “Tether (Eric Prydz Remix)”

Erik Hassle – “No Words”

Travis Garland – “Motel Pool”

Anushka – “Kisses”

HOLYCHILD – “Happy With Me”

Image via Eva Tsang aka the always-inspiring TrotterGirlc

Million Maker

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Scout Sixteen - Marriott Millionth Mobile Check-In Scout Sixteen - Marriott Millionth Mobile Check-In

The idea of having one million of something has always boggled my mind. When I was younger, “one million” was my go-to number for birthday wishes. I’d close my eyes tight and ask the birthday gods to send me a million dollars so I could buy ridiculous amounts of unnecessary gifts for myself at the mall. In middle school, I’d read a dozen books each month hoping to break a million points in our school-wide Book-It reading contests. As an adult, I just want a million dollars – plain and simple. I can wrap my brain around the “hundreds,” the “thousands,” and even the “hundred thousands,” but “millions” never cease to amaze me; always there as something more aspirational than attainable.

While wrapping up my most recent trip to Los Angeles, I got a call from the lovely folks over at Marriott. They were celebrating their One Millionth Mobile Check-In and wanted to gift me a stay-cation at The Carlton, Autograph Collection, one of my local New York City Marriott locations. Naturally, I jumped on the opportunity to sneak away from home for a night!

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Bangkok Nights

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Scout Sixteen - Thailand Trip 1 of 3

Over the last two weeks, I had the opportunity to join the Tourism Authority of Thailand on a whirlwind trip across the land of smiles. Along with a motley crew of bloggers and photographers (including Michelle, Saul, Ali, Romey, and Michelle), we explored some of Thailand’s most celebrated cultural markers. Our first few days on the trip were spent in Bangkok – Thailand’s current capital. From “larger than life” suites at the luxurious Lebua State Tower Hotel to 15km bike rides around the perimeters of the city, we got to experience the best of Bangkok. Here is the first of three videos I created to showcase some of the trip.

Swift Aero

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Scout Sixteen - Swift Aero Scout Sixteen - Swift Aero Scout Sixteen - Swift Aero Scout Sixteen - Swift Aero Scout Sixteen - Swift Aero

The summer sun’s return to New York City thrills me beyond reason. Firstly, it means my months of hibernation are finally over. Secondly, it means I can return to my go-to wardrobe: denim, chambray, tees, and joggers – thank the heavens above! I snagged this pair at Aero a few weeks back and have to admit I’m hooked; I ended up buying three more pairs in a few colors and a pretty wicked camouflage pattern.

Joggers have always been one of my favorite options for fanning out my wardrobe during the spring and summer months. They’re often an inexpensive way to up the ante and add a sporty casual edge to your look. I paired this Aeropostale pair with a three-quarters length raglan tee and my Michael Bastian denim jacket. Nothing extra spectacular about the styling of this look but it’s very “me” – clean, classic, and casual. (My three favorite “C” words aside from “chocolate croissant” of course.)

So what are your take on joggers… Are you for them? Are you against them? Either way, try them out because they’re definitely a game-changer for any style conscious guy!

Aeropostale Joggers / Aeropostale Shirt / Michael Bastian Jacket / Frank & Oak Sneakers