My Life, In Food

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Scout Sixteen - Stella ArtoisScout Sixteen - Stella Artois
Food has always played an important role in my life. I have found few better storytellers than food – rich flavors, legendary recipes and late night snacks never show up without an interesting adventure to surround them. There are the epic weekend parties with friends followed by taco binges at 2AM or the indescribably delicious gelato that made a certain terrible day much more bearable. Every morsel tells a story.
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By The Sea

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Scout Sixteen - Davidoff 'Night Dive'

I’ve always been fascinated by the sea. Mystery and tranquility are tucked away like precious gems in a music box. The ocean remains one of the few places I feel undeniably “myself”. From the moment my bare feet wriggle in the sand, I’m hooked. I’ve always called it “lyrical meditation” – an imperceptible harmony of water, land and air.

Recently, Davidoff Cool Water challenged me to interpret what #LoveTheOcean means to me. Personally, the ocean has always been a place I call home – whether on a boat, seaside condo or under a beach umbrella. It’s always served as a destination for me; it’s the fantastic prize at the end of a journey. I chose to interpret #LoveTheOcean as a weekend getaway. My stylish essentials include nautical favorites and of course Davidoff Cool Water’s cool new cologne, Night Dive.

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A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to shoot a really fun short video with DETAILS Magazine and Swiss watch brand TISSOT. I’ve been a fan of TISSOT’s timepieces for a few years now because they’re one of the few luxury watch brands I can afford, which means I can snag more than one.

The video profiles each of TISSOT‘s four timepieces categories (Classic, Sporty, Adventurous, and Trendy) and coordinates them into four parts of my daily routine as a lifestyle blogger. From my morning runs and afternoons full of meetings to weekend shoots and jet-setting destinations, a watch is my most important accessory to keep me on schedule and ahead of the game.

If you haven’t already, check out TISSOT’s full catalog of watches and take a minute to watch the video above. Let me know what you think!

TISSOT Watches Featured: PRC 200 Chrono / T-Touch Expert / Couturier Men’s Chronograph / Tradition Men’s GTM Quartz Classic Watch

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Freakin’ Weekend / 07

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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my pictures from Colorado. I spent a few days there relaxing with DETAILS Magazine and Swiss watch brand TISSOT. It was unbelievably beautiful! This weekend, I’m heading to Philadelphia for the Budweiser ‘Made In America’ festival. I’m so freaking excited because the lineup is amazing!

Hope your weekend nails it; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through the weekend…

Just got this necklace and I can’t stop wearing it!

Best. Rolling. Carry-On. Suitcase.

12-pack. 24-pack. How about a 99-pack of beer? Yes you can buy this.

A denim jacket for under $100? I’ll take three.

This is the ONLY cake I want for every birthday from now on.

Reebok released a sick new collaboration. This shoe and this shoe are my favorites.

Totally digging this crazy new collection. I need that long striped jacket.

Want lower abs that look like an Abercrombie model? Here’s the exercise regimen you want.

The coolest market bag on the… market.

One blogger takes on Anthropologie’s furniture… and it is hysterical.

The 11 oldest snack foods we’re still eating.

Just bought two of these chevron stools for my apartment. Yes!

Planning to wear this $70 sweater with everything.

A day  in the life of pizza… Yummm.

This Nike shoe is going to be my new fall staple.

I could never afford it but I would do highly criminal things for this jacket. @#%@#&!!

Brooklyn Bazaar

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Scout Sixteen - Brooklyn Flea Scout Sixteen - Brooklyn Flea Scout Sixteen - Brooklyn Flea Scout Sixteen - Brooklyn Flea Scout Sixteen - Brooklyn Flea

The old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is perfectly illustrated at a flea market. Oddities lay waiting to be discovered by the discerning eyes of bargain shoppers. Nineteenth-century dolls and mid-century magazine racks sit patiently hoping to be marked as ‘SOLD’, while their respective foster parents yearn to go home with pockets flush with cash.

I’ve always found flea markets and bazaars to be visceral experiences. There are some items that jump out at me – as if to establish a once-known connection that has since fizzled. I get the creepiest déjà vu rifling through the bins of old photographs and rusted toys, but it’s that feeling I most look forward to. Plus, when I get tuckered out, there are stands offering shoppers exotic food and specialty drinks!

For the better part of two years, the weekends were my time to explore. I’d map out the spots I wanted to go and not retire until each had been checked off my itinerary. With professional and personal conflicts piling up, my ‘time for exploration’ slowly dwindled to zero. Last week, I was challenged by ZICO Premium Coconut Water to create a Crack Life Open List – a catalog of items I could actually accomplish. I’m happy I’m able to check “#8: Explore More” off my list after a trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market this weekend… now just seven more items to go. Read More

Mountain Man

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Scout Sixteen - Mountain Man Scout Sixteen - Mountain Man Scout Sixteen - Mountain Man Scout Sixteen - Mountain Man Scout Sixteen - Mountain ManDSC_7222 DSC_7204

I’m profiling the “dark lord of streetwear” En Noir. Designer Rob Garcia has put his unique spin on the streetwear market with re-imagined basics in blacks and dark leather. I took these photos on my quick trip to Colorado this week to speak at an event in Vail. It was one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve been around in ages!

I’ve styled my En Noir shirt with some of my favorite Gap pieces, like these neutral jeans. Don’t forget – I’ll be debuting the actual designer capsule collection next month so stay tuned!

En Noir Shirt / Gap Denim / Vans Sneakers / Han Cholo Bracelet / Frank & Oak Backpack

Music Monday / 04

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Scout Sixteen - Surf

It’s that time again for another Music Monday. From up-and-comers in electro-pop to a track you’ll be singing all season long, here are 16 17 tracks to get you through your week. Pour your favorite vice, sit back, and enjoy some smooth tunes.  Read More

Freakin’ Weekend / 06

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Scout Sixteen - Pineapple Sunglasses
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was in Sin City this week. Yes, that’s right – I spent the whole week in Vegas, or what I affectionally call “Disneyland for Drunk Chain-Smoking Adults”. No matter how many times I visit Las Vegas, I’m floored by the sheer excess of wasted extravagance. Thankfully I was there with my fellow PROJECT bloggers who made the experience a blast! Planning to check out the Brooklyn Flea this weekend, so stay tuned for a fun post next week cataloging the process.

Hope your weekend is spectacular; here are a few of my favorite links from this week to get you through the weekend…

I’m going to be wearing this $100 sweater all winter long.

You think you know art… but here are 6 paintings hiding something.

What would happen if you illustrated 100 watches in 100 days? This.

Here’s everything we know so far about the iPhone 6. GIMME, GIMME.

I can’t afford it but how epic would this look be for fall: this shirt under this jacket.

Here’s what the VMA’s looked like in 1984, 1994, and 2004. Oh, fashion…

I don’t have much closet space in my room. So I do this instead.

Baked peanut butter and Oreo donuts. I want.

So here’s the truth about T.J. Maxx.

Been playing this song on repeat all week. (Warning: you’ll love it.)

Here are the best brunch spots in NYC. Pancake breakfast, here I come!

Finally found and bought the perfect wallet. It’s everything I wanted!

Florals aren’t just for spring. Buying this right now.

A fantastic guide to minimalism and doing it right.

This men’s skin care series is a life-saver – been using it daily.

Super cool collection inspired by biking around the City.

BONUS: … my new favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

[Photo Credit: HippieLova]