Scout Sixteen - Caravelle New York Scout Sixteen - Caravelle New York Scout Sixteen - Caravelle New York

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been working closely with Caravelle New York on some really fun projects throughout the past few months. Caravelle New York timepieces are built with New York’s urban environment in mind. They mimic the streamlined design and rebellious attitude that has made New York synonymous with style. One piece of the partnership has been styling videos for the brand… I’m excited I’m finally able to share some photos and a behind-the-scenes video with you!

During our first shoot together, I wanted to define the versatility of the brand by dressing my models (Shannon and Mark) in ends of my own wardrobe spectrum. Shannon rocked out in a leather jacket, boots and the Caravelle New York Black & Gold 45A11. I kept Mark a little more classically dapper in a floral print shirt and neutral chinos – this let the Caravelle New York Black & Gold 44B104 take center stage. Mark’s second look was a bit grungier, which was a perfect complement to the dark and broodingly stylish Caravelle New York Black+ 45A106.

Despite the cold weather, I had such an amazing time on set with the team. It was a blast being able to infuse a bit of my own personal flavor into the brand, as well. Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video below for an extra peek into the day on set! Of the three looks, which is your favorite?

Scout Sixteen - Express Style Scout Sixteen - Express Style Scout Sixteen - Express Style Scout Sixteen - Express StyleScout Sixteen - Express Style

Casual basics are among my favorite pieces to buy when I’m shopping for my spring wardrobe. My latest obsession has been luxe slim-fitted sweatpants and I plan to full embrace this obsession this spring. I found this pair of marled grey sweatpants at EXPRESS and snatched them up immediately. What’s your stance on the ‘sweatpants as normal pants’ debate? I think we both know where I stand… if you need further proof, come to my apartment and peruse my sweatpant-heavy wardrobe.

In other news, I’m excited to share that I’ll be co-hosting the opening of a new EXPRESS location in Times Square this upcoming Tuesday, March 25th. I’m personally inviting all of you (via a mass blog post, of course) to the event to come party with me and guest performer Robin Thicke! EXPRESS will be giving away lots of prizes, including gift cards and other fun NYC-related prizes. I really hope you can make it!

EXPRESS Times Square Opening

Tuesday, March 25th … Doors open at 7PM

Open to the public, but space is limited!

46th Street & Broadway

Official Hashtag: #EXPNYC

EXPRESS Denim Jacket / EXPRESS Henley T-Shirt / EXPRESS Sweatpants / Ernest Alexander Messenger / New Balance Sneakers

S16_1219 S16_1344 S16_1274 S16_1312 S16_1333

We New Yorkers are a strange bunch. We had about 6 hours of sunny weather this weekend and I wasted no time slipping off my peacoat and rainboots to slip into this rad leather vest and these rich suede boots. I spent most of the day running errands – as I am apt to do – which kept me outside soaking up what little spring-y weather we’ll get for another week or two. Apologies in advance but I’m planning to wear this look on repeat throughout the spring (and likely the remainder of the year) because I can’t seem to get enough of these Lucchese boots. Aside from being exceptionally well-made, the boots emanate vintage charm with rich, creamy suede accented by multiple brass buckles. I’d been searching for a pair of boots in a lighter neutral so I’m very happy I found these. New favorite shoes? I think so!

Lucchese Boots / Zara Leather Vest / PacSun T-Shirt (similar) / Armani Exchange Jeans / Frank & Oak Backpack / Caravelle New York Watch / VonZipper Sunglasses 

Scout Sixteen - Frank & Oak Scout Sixteen - Frank & Oak

I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors: New Yorkers wear all black. Usually, I pride myself on being a more colorful Big Apple resident but it seems I get in on the ‘all black everything’ game more often that I thought. What’s your take on wearing black from head to toe?

As an aside, many of these pieces come from Frank & Oak’s amazing new Black Series. I’m especially smitten with the black leather details on the backpack. [cue googly eyes]

Frank & Oak Jacket / Frank & Oak Jogger Pants / Frank & Oak Backpack / Royal Elastics Shoes

Scout Sixteen - Miracle Gro Scout Sixteen - Miracle Gro Scout Sixteen - Miracle Gro

Six years ago, I wasn’t the guy I am today. I was scared of where life was taking me – worried that I wouldn’t measure up to the dreams I had embraced for so long. My environment was suffocating me, yet even more stifling was the lack of opportunities in my life.

It’s only recently that I’ve begun to realize the restraints in my life were self-inflicted. Once I opened myself up and allowed mentors to help shape my future; I started believing in my potential. My friends think it’s a bit strange, but I revel in my green thumb… I can’t pinpoint why but I absolutely love plants; more specifically – I like succulents.  (They’re often the scrawniest of houseplants but I think they’re beautiful.) Did you know some can grow up to 100 times their size? Watching their growth and caring for them in the same ways that I have watched myself grow has helped me see my full potential.   With a little love, nurturing and a careful habitat, a little guy can reach his full potential – just like I did! Each of us holds the seed – a possibility for absolute, mind-boggling greatness. In the right environment, that seed becomes a tree with roots and a legacy. And who wouldn’t want to leave a legacy…

I created this short photo series with Miracle Gro as part of their Grow Something Greater campaign – because when you grow,  you grow more than just plants. I know some of you must have an amazing story of growth. As part of the campaign, we’re challenging you to share your own Grow Something Greater story with the world. Share your story, and use the hashtag #GrowSomethingGreater for a chance to win a Grow Kit. Enter by April 15th- open to US residents only.

Scout Sixteen - Exchange Rate Scout Sixteen - Exchange Rate Scout Sixteen - Exchange Rate

This month, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Armani Exchange on crafting some fun looks for Spring! If you’ve followed my Instagram, you’ve seen a few outfits pop up featuring urban and trendy pieces from A|X, like this all-purpose trench or these perfect fit chinos. I’ve got another look up my sleeves that I’ll be posting next week – so be sure to follow my Instagram and A|X’s Instagram for a sneak peek.

Also, white jeans? I’m getting into white denim more and more… now I’ve just got to make sure I don’t spill coffee on them (as I’m apt to do).

Armani Exchange TrenchArmani Exchange ShirtArmani Exchange Jeans / Armani Exchange Belt / UGG Boots

Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues Scout Sixteen - Varsity Blues

It’s been five years since I looked in the rearview mirror to see my college campus for the last time. I drove away from everything I knew but what I didn’t realize is I left a piece of my heart in that little college town of Oxford, Mississippi. I’ve always been drawn to pieces that conjure memories from those few years spent with friends and peers. I blame nostalgia for my unwillingness to “let go” of those varsity memories; however distant they now seem.

Over time, I’ve certainly circled back to my collegiate uniform: varsity jacket, chinos and low-tops. I’ve added a few upgrades along the way to keep it fresh and modern but, overall, not much has changed (except maybe learning how to finally manage my curls…). Tossing a varsity jacket over a well-worn knit and a pair of khakis is the perfect balance for simple tastes and dapper minimalism. The key to this look is keeping it as “clean” as possible – no frills, no “trendy” accessories, no shock value. Going back to a uniform never felt so good…

What did you wear in college? I’d love to know!

21Men Jacket / 21Men Sweater / 21Men Chinos / Converse Sneakers / Caravelle Watch / Puravida Bracelet


Scout Sixteen - Southern Charm

What’s the one thing Southerners are known for? Some would say charm, others might say tradition. I’d have to say it’s a little of both. Growing up in the South, you learn to follow by a set of rules. These rules aren’t so much law as they are “heavily-enforced suggestions”. Gems like go to the church every Sunday, never deny a second helping, or always hold the door for a lady were canons of my childhood. Shocking as it may be, Southerns have an almost superhuman awareness of their environments – down to the tiny details. I chalk it up to the fact that if you weren’t omnipresent, you might miss some really juicy town gossip! (Only kidding!) I often poke fun at my Southern upbringing but many of my most treasured personal values were mastered below the Mason Dixon line.

No matter how far I travel or how different my life becomes, the old adage stays true: you can take the boy out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the boy. In honor of Bravo’s newest addition Southern Charm (which premieres tonight at 10/9c), I figured I’d bring some of those Southern traditions to you – cause remember, it’s all in the details:

(1) Work Hard (So You Can Play Hard) - Southerners are among the hardest-working guys I know but they’re working for the weekend. While they’re great workers, they’re blue ribbon winners when it comes to partying. Southerners know how to throw down and they can host one hell of a gathering. You haven’t truly partied until you’ve been to a Gatsby-style southern soirée.

Bally Laptop Bag / Macbook Air 13-inch / Forever 21 Striped Shirt / Caravelle New York Watch / Giles & Brother Spike Bracelet

Scout Sixteen - Southern Charm

(2) Bow Ties or No Ties – Southern guys love a bow tie. It’s an essential part of a charming wardrobe. One part prep-school uniform and two parts classic menswear, bow ties add the sugar to a recipe of dressed-up confection.

Skinny Vinny Floral Bow Tie / Zara Denim Shirt / Uniqlo Blazer / PuraVida Bracelet

Scout Sixteen - Southern Charm

(3) Coffee is a Conversation PieceWhile coffee isn’t inherently southern, it joins tea as a traditional conversation piece. From the guy you haven’t seen since high school to your brother’s best friend’s cousin that you kissed in a particularly riveting game of spin-the-bottle with as a pimpled teenager, coffee/tea breaks are the perfect place to keep in touch.  Plus – as any southerner will tell you – coffee is the perfect vessel for a little Bailey’s Irish Cream. [insert drunken wink]

Coach Baseball Jacket /  Maritime Supply Co. Anchor Bracelet

Scout Sixteen - Southern Charm

(4) Keep Up Appearances – Okay, so this one is a bit superficial but I have to defend its superficiality. Compared to women, guys aren’t typically as conscious of more regimented hygiene routines like keeping skin hydrated and tending to those bushy eyebrows. Much to my chagrin, these regimens were hammered into my tiny southern brain and continue to be a part of my daily routine. I wholly attribute my youthful appearance (not biased, obviously) to my mother. Thanks, Mom!

Ted Baker Sweater / Miansai Hook Bracelet / George Frost Morse Cuff / Tokyo Milk Dark No. 32 Lotion

Scout Sixteen - Southern Charm

(5) Music Runs Through Your Veins – It’s a rare occasion to meet a southerner who can’t name at least one successful musician in their family tree. Music was and continues to be play a vital role in the personality (and charm) of the South. When you’ve grown up around music, it’s hard to go a day without it.

All Saints Leather Jacket / Giles & Brother Spike Bracelet / Alex Kang Skull Bracelet / UrbanEars Headphones

Scout Sixteen - Southern Charm

(6) If You Can’t Take The Heat, Step Out of the Kitchen – The kitchen is the centerpiece of southern life. Almost everything substantially important takes place in or around the kitchen; engagements, gossip and even a few great novels can count the kitchen as a major catalyst. For that reason, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a southerner who doesn’t know how to cook. From gumbo and fried chicken to BBQ and brisket, the southern palette knows no limits. Oh… and a southerner’s guiltiest pleasure? Chocolate, of course.

Scotch & Soda Striped Shirt / Caravelle New York Black+ Watch / J.Crew Bracelet / Tartine Cookbook

Scout Sixteen - Southern Charm

(7) Heart & Sole – Southern guys are almost as guilty of shoe addictions as their female counterparts. Many of my southern friends have upwards of 75-100 pairs of shoes – ranging from never-worn sneakers to slicked-up vintage brogues. For many men, shoes serve as a way to showcase some personality. Frankly, I couldn’t agree more!

Vans Chino Joggers / Royal Elastics Brogues

If you want to take an even bigger sneak peek into southern life and see some true southern antics, be sure to check out Bravo’s newest show, Southern Charm, which premieres tonight at 10/9c. * This post was sponsored by Bravo; however the opinions/content contained here within are solely my own.