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While wintry weather keeps most people indoors this season, I’ve taken to bundling up and discovering new holiday traditions in the neighborhood (and taking up a few new hobbies!). In one of my recent posts, you saw me tackling the Christmas tree dilemma in New York City. Thankfully, this post is all about relaxation and exploration.

  • Checking out Union Square’s Christmas Village with my roommates Christina and Bonnie
  • Grabbing the now-notorious Christmas tree
  • Breaking in my new skateboard
  • My go-to snack = Cheeseburger Deluxe deliciousness
  • Wintry snaps of New York City

Any avid readers of my blog will know that exploring the City is by far one of my most treasured activities. Strolling through any one of the City’s famed neighborhoods becomes a visceral experience as the sights and sounds flood my senses. Capturing these sensory moments is very important to me because – while I hope to live in New York City forever – I don’t know where my life will lead me. I want to be able to recall these NYC memories for the rest of my life. If pictures speak a thousand words, I want mine to speak a million. My Nikon cameras (both the D800 and COOLPIX A) capture the vibrance and action as the City preps for the holiday. The way the colors – especially red – pop out of the frame is a true testament to the power of a great camera. I love that I’ll be able to remember these experiences with vivid clarity every time I look at these photos.

This post is in collaboration with Nikon; however, the opinions are 100% mine. Photos were shot with Nikon COOLPIX A and Nikon D800 and edited with Adobe Lightroom 5 + Adobe Photoshop 5.


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  • Igal Reysher

    Great photos justin.
    Have a great holidays



  • Nicolette

    I want all of those pretzles!