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New Year, New Visions

Scout Sixteen - 7 For All Mankind

With January coming to a close, it’s a time when you start to re-evaluate those resolutions. Those gym memberships are collecting dust and that “only 3 drinks-a-week” rule is long forgotten. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I kept one of resolutions. But I realized why: resolutions are actually kind of scary. They’re like binding contracts with yourself to do something worthwhile for an entire year. [cue horror movie music] So why not start small? One week at a time… because, apparently, resolving to “travel the globe this year” isn’t as easy to do on my budget… who knew?!

So today – I’m starting with baby steps… three goals I know I can accomplish, on a week by week basis. I’ve partnered up with one of my favorite brands, 7 For All Mankind, to make some of my goals a reality.

Justin’s Goals

1. One Week to… Detox The Body

2. One Week to… Organize My Closet

3. One Week to… Throw A Killer Dinner Party

Over the next month, you can follow along with me as I bring some solidarity back into my resolutions. Are there any goals you’re looking to bring to life this month? 7 For All Mankind is here to help!

Enter the 7FAM ‘New Year, New Visions’ contest and you could WIN a pair of 7’s denim and $500 to bring your goals to life.

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