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Make Time / Scout Sixteen - Men's Fashion

I’ve found that no matter where you live, it’s always the same story. Life rolls forward around you while you’re stuck moving through time in hyper-speed. Sometimes, you wake up days later realizing that you can barely recall how you felt in the days prior. Where did those moments go? What happened to the memories? We’re so focused on our daily routine that we forget to enjoy the ride.

I’m making a point to enjoy every moment and learn to slow down. It’s been one hell of a process but day after day I notice an improvement. Everyone has a different catalyst… mine was my inability to say “no”. I took on too much work and let it swallow me whole. Time spent wisely is the most amazing gift.

Not to get too preach-y on you guys, but I encourage you to try some of the following steps to start slowing down and enjoying life. You don’t want to turn around in 5 years and realize you missed out on sharing some amazing moments.

Slow It Down…

1. Take 15 minutes every morning to do something for yourself … read an extra chapter in that new book, meditate, spend time making a healthy breakfast with your roommate. Whatever it is – take some time to enjoy your morning for at least 15 minutes.

2. For two weeks, keep a journal cataloging your free time. After the two weeks, look at where your time is being divided. Strive for a better balance between work and personal – I’ve always said, “A balanced man proves to be a happy worker”.

3. Turn off your phone at dinner or when you’re spending time with friends/family. Focus on the conversation and enjoy your time together. Don’t let your distractions become warning signs to poor relationships.

4. Try to improve your life 1% each day. It may seem like a small number, but think about how much better your life will be after just a month. Revel in the chance to give yourself more time, better friendships and a greater sense of self.

5. A personal favorite of mine… twice a month, write a letter (or an email) to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Reconnect and get updates. Meet for coffee, grab a slice of pizza or spend some time at the park… reconnect and rediscover friendships!

6. Every so often, be spontaneous! Remember that time you considered dancing in your living room to “Call Me Maybe”? Do it! Remember when you wanted ice cream at 4 a.m.? Get it! Try something new and exciting. Shake up your world – you’ll like the outcome!


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  1. Such good advice and certainly some things I wanna start doing. At the end of each week I always wonder how the heck I got there as life just seems to fly by. It feels like as I get older it only gets worse and I want to cherish my 20s as much as I can!

  2. Ok, first of all LOVE the outfit!

    Second, congratulations on learning to slow down, I am dedicating time every week to just sit and think or ponder or center myself. I am also writing a note (on notepaper, with a pen) and mailing it to someone every week just to say how much I appreciate them. It makes me feel better and hopefully provides a little happiness for them as well.

    Third, this year I started a gratitude jar, it sits on my dining room table and every day on a slip of paper I write down something from the day I am greatful for, it has been a really awesome way to stop and enjoy small things in life.

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