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Keeping It All Together

Scout Sixteen - Microsoft OneNote Scout Sixteen - Microsoft OneNote

I’m not sure what kind of witchery Apple has over me, but I’m obsessed with my iPad Mini. Strangely, “obsessed” may not even be strong enough a word. From checking off to-do lists on the train to quick snaps of fabrics that I need to organize, my iPad has become my hub for on-the-go working inspiration. My only pain point has been keeping it all together. I find myself constantly having to email photos, documents and important contracts to myself so I can access them on my office computer or home laptop.

Enter, Microsoft’s OneNote app. [play angelic music] The good folks at Refinery29 introduced me to the wonders of OneNote and I’m hooked. All of my professional necessities (and some personal ones, too) stay right at my fingertips. To piggyback my resolution of getting organized in 2014, the OneNote app has been my ultimate sidekick. I figured you guys would would like this – especially if like me your definition of “organized” could easily be swapped for “chaotic”. Have you tried it out? What are your thoughts?

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