James Franco + 7FAM

Seven for All Mankind x James Franco

Well, this has been one hell of a week! From an endless stream of events to more work than I can imagine – I’m legitimately exhausted. Proof? I went to bed at 9PM two nights ago. The last time that happened was never. These are most definitely “first world problems” and I have no right to complain, but let’s be honest – it’s either vent or eat my feelings! With the Twinkie factory closing, only one of those options was feasible.

Seven for All Mankind x James Franco

I’m really diggin’ this t-shirt collaboration between Seven For All Mankind + James Franco. When asked which I like the best, I obviously chose the “Magic” tee. As a guy who grew up playing “wizards” and “time machine” in his backyard, I have an affinity for the mystical. Nowadays, the only type of magic I experience is when I pound the vending machine for the third time and my Snickers bar finally falls from its clutches. Abra-ca-dabra! (I’m still waiting on that letter from Hogwarts…)

Note: If you have a little free time, check out the article I wrote for IFB on Tips for Male Bloggers. I’ll be posting the full article on here in the next week or so.

Seven For All Mankind Tee / Cheap Monday Shirt / Canvas Lands’ End Pants / Burkman Bros Bracelet