Iconic Actors - James Dean


Iconic Actors - James Dean

I was raised on a love of Old Hollywood films – the type of cinema best enjoyed in a drive-in theater with a hand to hold. The style in these classic films (like “East of Eden”, “Bringing Up Baby”, etc.) had a profound impact on the way I developed in a fashion-stunted environment. Even through a black-and-white lens, watching these actors move with such graceful panache became a spiritual experience for me. I found salvation in their iconicism.

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  • http://moicontrelavie.com/ Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    This is such a great post! I grew up on these black & white movies too and I can’t even begin how much that influenced my own personal style – Hitchockian is a word I frequently hear to describe my style. :)

  • http://TheRainSeason.com Robyn

    This post was SOOOO good. All of these men are my inspiration in terms of menswear – even though I am a woman. They have such class and character. Carey Grant is my style icon, for sure.

    Love it!


  • http://www.messori.it Ria

    I love this post and also admit to having an affinity for old films. I love how their fashion is so timeless, and can inspire for decades to come. :)