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Ted Baker - AW13

British brand Ted Baker never ceases to tickle my sartorial funny bone. The brand is always quick to put a cheeky spin on their marketing efforts and their latest endeavor, StreetWinker, is no different. The project follows “Redge Blaker” – the sharp-witted and adventurous alter ego to VICE’s co-foounder Gavin McInnes – as he weaves his digital style narrative. Equal parts fashion anthropologist and style ambassador, Redge is always perfectly put together, a true British gent with a twist, epitomizing the exquisite attention to detail and the irreverent sense of humor for which the British brand is known.

I’m particularly digging these GIFs: one parts how-to clips and two parts psychedelic trip fest. Be sure to check out the full site where you can watch hilarious videos featuring “Redge Blaker” along with a bevy of supporting characters. Which is your favorite?


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