Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT

Day Diary with Canon

Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT Scout Sixteen - Canon #BRINGIT

Last week, I got the chance to spend an entire day exploring New York City with Canon as part of their #BRINGIT Tour. I’ve always been such a fan of Canon – the unique way each of their products capture perfect moments throughout the day with crisp, unadulterated precision; true story, I received my first camera at age eight. It was a hand-me-down manual Canon with an EF 50mm f/2.0 lens. I thought I had hit the camera lottery at the time, but after playing with some of Canon’s newest cameras at the event I know that was just the tip of the iceberg.

We started off our day with light bites and coffee at the studio of famed fashion line Marchesa. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, the duo behind the collection, chatted with each of us about the dynamic stories that inspire each of their haute couture pieces. With actor (and host) Andrew Rannells in tow, we boarded the red Canon #BRINGIT buses to our next destination: Broadway. We got the opportunity to see behind-the-scenes of one of the hottest musicals out right now: “A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder.” Cameras in hand, we posed and prodded the set like true urban explorers.

Our final destination was my personal favorite. The Palace Hotel is institution in New York history, particularly important for its preservation clauses. The original structure, known as the Villard Mansion, has remained (almost) unchanged in its 132-year timeline. After an educating tour of the Villard Mansion, we sat for a wonderful lunch.

I was able to capture so many beautiful moments throughout the day. I opted for a much lower exposure but higher aperture to really bring out the shadows that were dancing along much of our tour (thanks to a dreary day). What are your tips and tricks when photographing indoor environments? Share some of your images with me on Instagram by tagging #BRINGIT … can’t wait to check out your awesome shots!

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