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Scout Sixteen - DIESEL Watches Scout Sixteen - DIESEL Watches Scout Sixteen - DIESEL Watches Scout Sixteen - DIESEL Watches Scout Sixteen - DIESEL WatchesScout Sixteen - DIESEL Watches

As many of you are aware, I’m a bit of a watch fiend. I’ve amassed a fine collection of timepieces ranging from bit to small, sporty to classic. Each of my watches has a story and this Diesel Arges watch comes with a cool one.

Firstly, it is aptly named for one of the Cyclopes in Greek mythology. As a fan of mythology, this pulled me in but what really sold me was the fact that this piece is king  of the night. With a reflective camouflage strap (unique among modern watches) and glow-in-the-dark dial pieces, the Arges takes the dark by storm. I love being able to rock this sporty piece during the day and know it’ll be just as badass when the sun goes down.

I was in Los Angeles when I shot this look, so I paired it with my favorite printed chino shorts and a casual shirt jacket. Reflective camo, stripes and moons? You know I’ve always been a pattern rule breaker… [insert cheeky grin]

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DIESEL Watch / Saturdays NYC Shirt / Urban Outfitters Tee / Topman Shorts


{Disclosure: This post was created in collaboration with Diesel and DETAILS.}

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