A Whiskey Story

My dad has always loved Jameson Irish Whiskey. He used to say, “This is the stuff that’ll put hair on your chest.” For a kid wanting to grow up fast, this stuck with me. He usually enjoyed his Jameson neat or with a single ice cube – never mixed or overly diluted. My dad has a very loyal storyline with Jameson and I was eager to start penning my own. When I tuned 21, my dad gifted me a large bottle of Jameson and, as they say, the rest is history!

Those who know me well know I’m an avid whiskey drinker. I like to take my time and savor every sip, get lost in the aromas, and cozy into the wide flavor profiles. When the Jameson Caskmates team approached me about getting involved in a two-part partnership, I jumped at the chance.

// Aged in Jameson Barrels

I had the opportunity to visit Captain Lawrence Brewing Company (a local craft brewer just outside of New York City) with whom Jameson Caskmates has teamed up to recreate the Jameson Caskmates story stateside.

I’ve visited Captain Lawrence a few times and – while I may be a wee bit biased since they’re my most local craft brewer – I can honestly say it’s one of the best out there. As part of their partnership with Jameson, Captain Lawrence was sent a few of Jameson’s barrels to age their beer in. This limited edition beer (dubbed Transatlantic Red) explodes the senses with the distinct flavors that Captain Lawrence fans will recognize complimented by those immediately-recognizable Jameson Irish Whiskey notes!

Just like Jameson, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company has always been a staple of their neighborhood. New Yorkers from all over flock to Captain Lawrence because they know they’ll receive a warm welcome and one heck of a great afternoon. I was so stoked to get the chance to invite my friends Anthony and Spencer out to Captain Lawrence for a full brewery tour and a few drinks. And what better way to dive in to this partnership than to pair a stout with a glass of Jameson Caskmates on the rocks. Simply perfection!

// A Neighborhood United

I also had the opportunity to attend the Jameson Love Thy Neighborhood Brewery Fest in Brooklyn last weekend. For this first-ever festival, Jameson teamed up with 16 of the best craft brewers across the country, with each brewery producing a limited edition beer (only available in their local market) that features hints of Jameson Irish Whiskey incorporated into their already distinct craft beer flavors.

I brought my good friends (and drinking buddies) Marcel and Alex along for the experience and I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we had! There was live music, games, fantastic food, and a lively environment. It was incredible to see the thought and detail the Jameson team put into making sure each brewer’s station reflected their local neighborhood – Jameson continues to show their unfailing dedication to supporting communities.

And, as if it wasn’t already incredible enough, Jameson partnered with New York Restoration Project by donating 100 of the proceeds from the festival to help create a greener, more sustainable community here in my great home city. It warms my heart when global brands (even those with local roots right like Jameson) take the time, energy, and care to cultivate healthy and thriving neighborhoods.

I was so ecstatic to join Jameson for both events and, as a massive fan of Jameson Caskmates, I was honored to have the opportunity to introduce my friends and all of you to the Jameson Caskmates story.

Just like my dad back on my 21st birthday, I hope this is a gift I can share with you. Supporting those brands that support our communities is paramount – and Jameson has proven, again and again, that community runs deep. I can’t wait to see where your Jameson story takes you!

This post was sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey. All opinions and thoughts expressed within are mine and do not reflect those of the sponsor. If you’d like to find out more information on Jameson Irish Whiskey, Jameson Caskmates, or how Jameson continues to support communities, click here.

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