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Catch The Fever

To be honest, I didn’t have much to talk about today so I decided to post a little round-up of what’s been happening over on my Instagram. Are you following me? If not, join the conversation with me over there.


An outfit preview from this post.


A 10-minute face mask that works wonders. Also, that photo will haunt you.


It was snowing in NYC. Not thrilled…


My attempt at the Bachelor-style “pondering the ocean” look.


Quick pit-stop into Cheap Jack’s (which wasn’t so cheap after all).


Did an amazing collaborative video shoot with Burkman Bros. (Details to come!)


About Justin

Justin Livingston is the founder and editor of Scout Sixteen. He lives in New York City with a cactus and an unwavering love for whiskey. See more from Justin below...

  • http://www.anastasia-duck.com Duck

    Looking cuuute in the fisherman’s jumper! Who is the facemask by? I’m a skincare junkie…